Demand pushes heifers to $1400

25 Jan, 2014 01:00 AM
John Gorgone (left) attended the Elders sale with Cosi Baggetta, Harvey, who sold first-cross heifers to $1290.
The appraisal dairy steers reached $710
John Gorgone (left) attended the Elders sale with Cosi Baggetta, Harvey, who sold first-cross heifers to $1290.

ANOTHER rip snorter of a sale.

The praise of recent sale price increases is starting to sound like a broken record (for those of us who remember those).

The Elders first-cross unmated heifer and store cattle sale at Boyanup last week was again a continuation of increased demand and prices for the main types of cattle.

None more so than the special yarding of first-cross unmated heifers that had the usual heifer specialists out in force, along with their cheque books.

The excellent quality and breeding of these saw a top of $1400 paid, but the fact there were only two pens from the first 29 pens sold that made less than $1200 showed the strength of the sale.

General opinion was the better heifers were $100 above last year's excellent values while the medium types were $200 dearer.

Friesian steers also saw a lift, with liveweight selling to $846 and 156c/kg.

The appraisal dairy steers reached $710, where past sales generally saw $600 the better return.

The small number of pens of dairy poddies sold consistently from $334 to $376.

Beef steers topped at $1027, paid for a single prime steer, while by appraisal these made up to $710.

Several small lines of cows and calves topped at $1410.

The first-cross Angus heifers, started with a pen of 10 massive heifers from RJ & G Parravicinni, that were bought by Elders Brunswick for $1290.

This buyer then bid to $1330 for eight good-sized heifers, from JP & LJ Andony, before taking four sold by MAM & PR Martin at $1280.

Elders Boyanup agent Mal Barrett then paid $1380 for six from KD Rose & Co.

Elders Brunswick then bid to $1390 for seven of the Ieraci family heifers, as well as nine from R & C Italiano and the top of $1400, for eight sold by DE Craigie & Son.

G & J Perrella, Northcliffe, made the annual trip to this sale to bid to $1250 for the second pen of Craigie heifers, with another nine MAM & PR Martin heifers then costing them $1390.

Elders Brunswick also paid $1370 for eight heifers fromV & G Ieraci.

KJ Jilley paid $1360 for eight from JP & L Andony, as well as $1300 for 10 sold by KD Rose & Co, later bidding to $1390, for 10 of the Martin heifers.

Rob Gibbings, Elders Capel, buying for the Roberts family, bought five from GG Fry, Brunswick, paying $1350.

Lyndon Crouch, who had kept bidders honest, managed to secure six sold by Vern Pitter, Waroona, at $1220, later securing Parravicinni heifers at $1280 and Andony heifers for $1220.

Another heifer specialist to buy was AM & EJ Eatts, Northcliffe, paying $1200 for seven from SJ Piggott, as well as two Mirasole Trust heifers for $1350.

Rob Gibbings spent $1350 for eight, sold by AG Norton, while Mal Barrett paid $1340 and $1310 for Martin and Norton heifers, with Elders Manjimup also buying several lines.

In the younger heifers Rob Gibbings bought eight from A & C Ferraro for $770.

JP & LJ Andony replaced two for one when buying smaller heifers than those they sold earlier in the sale, paying $750 and $730.

Three lines of Murray Grey cross heifers saw six from UDUC Brook Farms make $1260 when bought by Rob Gibbings and a single going to Elders Brunswick for $1250.

KT & L Warburton, Brunswick, sold to Elders Manjimup at $1170.

Liveweight Friesian steers saw the first pen of five from John Giumelli make the top of $846 at 134c/kg when bought by Greg Jones.

Mr Jones bought 80 per cent of the Friesian steers paying $820 for another six Giumelli cattle.

Other lines from Dudinallup Pastoral, LG Pitter and S & M Vinci sold from 132-156c/kg.

Yalinga bought 11 from BD Jones at 154c/kg and $725.

The few beef steers were generally in well forward condition, with the first three Angus from BD & FL Murray, Karridale, selling for $926 when Greg Jones paid 172c/kg for the 538kg cattle.

The top of $1027 went to a single steer in prime condition, sold by Oceanfront Properties and bought for WMP, the 680kg steer sold at 151c/kg.

Another line of forward cattle were the five steers from RM Witten, Busselton, with the 465kg steers selling for $832 at 179c/kg to Greg Jones.

The top of 191c/kg was paid for seven store condition cattle from C & P McKay, with L & S Miaolo spending $714.

The appraisal Friesian steers started strongly and continued in that vein.

DE Craigie sold the top pen of 13 for $710 to Mr Chieara.

Plunkett Properties were strong, securing several pens for up to $650, for 12 sold byH D & S E Kirby.

Dairy poddies reached $376 for 10, from WH Mottershead and bought by KT & L Warburton.

Elders Nannup agent Terry Tarbotton bought three pens from Negus enterprises for up to $362.

The top of the appraisal beef steers went to 13 from CJ & SC Clarke, when Crendon Downs, Donnybrook, paid $710 for them.

Crendon Downs also paid $660 for three from C & C Minson, who also sold nine to Elders Manjimup for $630.

Several cow and calf units sold well for DP & TM Armstrong, with two Grey fourth-calving cows topping at $1410, when bought for P Harrison, Alexandra Bridge.

Five Angus with baby calves, made $1360 when bought byD Davies, Bridgetown, who also paid $1100 for another two.

Daniel Delaney, Delaney Livestock Services, Busselton, bid to $1100 also for a single Santa Gertrudis-cross cow and calf from the Armstrong offering.

Mark Barnes bought four grey cows and calves sold by Southampton Homestead, Boyup Brook, costing $1160.



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