Lawsons Angus sale tops at $6500

20 Apr, 2014 02:00 AM
Colin Thexton (left),Independent Rural Agencies, Pemberton, and Lawsons WA reproduction manager Allison Watson at last week's sale.  Colin bought eight bulls for six clients.
We sell a lot of cattle on AuctionsPlus so we are constantly looking at weight, muscling and yield..
Colin Thexton (left),Independent Rural Agencies, Pemberton, and Lawsons WA reproduction manager Allison Watson at last week's sale. Colin bought eight bulls for six clients.

THE inaugural Lawsons Angus bull sale at Youngs Siding produced a great result with bulls twice hitting the $6500 top and clients leaving happy they had secured value-for-money young sires.

The sale broke from traditional selling conventions and put up 35 yearling bulls at a Helmsman auction without the aid of stock agents and it produced animated ticket bidding that cleared all but two bulls in 50 minutes.

Lawsons WA regional manager Bevan Ravenhill and wife Rebecca, who own one of four local co-operator herds, ran the sale and their confidence in their product was reflected among bidders who advanced several of the top bulls in gigantic increments.

None was more evident than lot four JO246 which reached its final $6500 selling price only minutes into the sale.

The buyer was Kamballup cattleman Gerald Kilpatrick who had bought Lawsons Angus for the past three years but hadn't bought such a young sire previously.

The 14-month-old son of Ayrvale Bartel E7 was among the heaviest in the catalogue at 608 kilograms and had a short-fed domestic index (SFDI) of 97, well above the private sale group average of 87 and a long-fed index of 152, again well above the sale group's 136 average.

Other good figures included +10.0 eye muscle area (EMA) and +106 for 400-day growth.

Lawsons retained semen rights in JO246 as well as six others in the catalogue.

However, the figures were not the only recommendation with the young bull standing out among its peers and an odds-on favourite to sell well in Mr Kilpatrick's opinion.

Other traits that rated highly for Mr Kilpatrick included the soft fleshing, structural soundness and the unseen traits of docile temperament and easy calving.

These final traits were endorsed repeatedly by other buyers with previous Lawsons Angus experience.

Neither was the young age of the bulls in question with buyers considering it an added bonus that vindicated the stud's business ethos of "keeping genetic progress simple and affordable for our clients".

The second bull to make the top money was JO240 a 13-month-old son of Lawsons Novak E313 that sold to Severn Angus, Youngs Siding, which bought other bulls for $4000 and $2750.

Two other bulls topped the $6000-mark including JO243 a further Ayrvale Bartel E7 son bought by Trevellys Pty Ltd, Denmark, for $6250 and a third son made $6000 and sold to Mountain Valley Cattle, Narrikup.

Mountain Valley Cattle also paid $2500 for a Storth Oaks D21 son.

Volume buyer of the day was Colin Thexton, Independent Rural Agents, Pemberton, who bought eight bulls for six clients and was a strong proponent of buying yearling bulls.

"The younger the better," he said.

"You can get an extra year out of them and you can increase the genetic impact on your herd earlier."

After such a lengthy period of performance-based genetic selection he also had confidence in Lawsons' ability to breed according to genetic predictions.

Mr Thexton had bought 39 Lawsons bulls prior to last week's sale and said clients had calves on the ground.

"We sell a lot of cattle on AuctionsPlus so we are constantly looking at weight, muscling and yield figures," he said.

"We find we can buy Lawsons bulls based on data and when you see the meat yield improving everyone is happy."

Lawsons' substantial herd size and its exclusive use of elite AI sires ensured the stud had the depth of breeding in the females to make the figures reliable and consistency of type ensured the cattle were like peas in a pod.

The sale started with a $2500 reserve on all bulls and by the end of the day, 23 had moved above the starting price with the greatest demand for Ayrvale Bartel E7 sons.

The 10 offered sold for a $4850 average compared with the second most popular sire Lawsons Novak E313 whose nine sons averaged $4000.

After the success of the sale Mr Ravenhill said the fixture would become a permanent part of Lawsons' marketing program in the future giving cattlemen two WA sales to buy from.

He was pleased with the presentation of the offering saying the bulls had been finished on a 30-day high roughage diet that resulted in good weight gains but not at the expense of masking any structural faults.

From a buyers' perspective he said clients were able to get cost effective bulls that were cheaper than the traditionally marketed two-year-olds.



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