Quality weaners on offer at Boyanup sale

20 Jan, 2018 04:00 AM
Richard and Robyn Walker, RF & RE Walker, Coonac Angus, Wilga, have nominated 150 Angus calves, comprising of 100 steers and 50 heifers for the sale.
Richard and Robyn Walker, RF & RE Walker, Coonac Angus, Wilga, have nominated 150 Angus calves, comprising of 100 steers and 50 heifers for the sale.

PRODUCERS will have the opportunity to secure quality, well-bred beef weaners at the Elders Boyanup weaner sale on Wednesday, January 24.

The Elders South West team is expecting to yard 1300 quality calves in the sale, which will be ideal for either lotfeeders, grass fatteners, backgrounders or live export – a number of the heifer lines also have the potential to be future breeders.

The majority of the calves in the sale will come from vendors offering their first drafts for the season and all the calves in the sale have been weaned for a minimum of 14 days.

Elders South West livestock manager Michael Carroll said the sale would feature a quality line-up of weaners and buyers wouldn’t be disappointed.

“We have a really first-class line-up of weaners coming in for this sale including some genuine quality large drafts, from vendors who are offering their first drafts for the season,” Mr Carroll said.

“A large number of the weaners coming in are Angus and Angus cross but there will also be good numbers of Poll Herefords and Murray Greys, along with a good line-up of Charolais and Simmental cattle.

“With the weaner selling season nearing an end, this sale represents a great chance to purchase calves weaned for a minimum of 14 days, meaning all the work is done for the buyer.

“The vendors have done a great job in preparing the cattle through the festive period especially for this sale and buyers won’t be disappointed with what will be on offer.”

The largest vendors in the sale will be Richard and Robyn Walker, RF & RE Walker, Coonac Angus, Wilga, who have nominated 150 Angus calves, comprising of 100 steers and 50 heifers.

This annual line-up of calves from the Walkers is based on mainly Koojan Hills and Ardcairnie Angus bloodlines, along with a small percentage by AI sires.

The young May/June-drop calves were paddock weaned in stages from early December through to early January and are expected to weigh from 240 to 350 kilograms.

Boyanup producer Kim Payne, K & AL Payne will also offer his first draft of calves for the season in the sale.

The Boyanup operation will present 125 Angus calves (70 steers and 55 heifers).

The February to April-drop calves are based on Blackrock and Monterey Angus bloodlines and were weaned at New Year.

The line-up is expected to weigh from 260-380kg and all have been treated with 7in1 twice.

All the heifers are guaranteed unmated and there will be a couple of lines among them which will be ideally suited as future breeders.

Another big draft of Angus in the sale will come from the Giadresco family, P & F Giadresco, Stratham, who will be offering their first draft of calves since establishing a breeding herd on their South West properties.

The family will truck in 100 Angus calves (65 steers and 35 heifers), which are all March/April-drop.

The majority of the calves are sired by Blackrock, Mordallup, Diamond Tree and Lawsons Angus bulls and were bred on the family’s properties at Lake Muir and Nannup.

The line, which will weigh between 260-360kg, has been at Stratham since weaning in late November.

The calves have had a 7in1 treatment twice and were drenched in October as well.

Another big line of Angus calves will come from Darwonga Investments, which will truck in 55 Angus weaners (30 heifers and 25 steers).

The draft of April/May-drop calves are based on Blackrock and Koojan Hills bloodlines and will weigh 250-320kg.

The calves were weaned in December and have been running on a Millet crop since weaning.

Other bigger lines of pure Angus in the sale will come from MD & LJ Armstrong, Northcliffe, who will present 50 mixed sex Angus calves, while Bacchus Cattle, Busselton, has nominated 30 mixed-sex Angus weaners.

Dardanup producers Michael and Brad Telini, G & RM Telini, will feature in the sale with their annual draft of heifers.

The Telini family will offer 30 Angus heifers and 45 Limflex-Angus-Murray Grey cross heifers.

The February-drop calves are based on Little Meadows and Monterey Angus bloodlines and Monterey and Southend Murray Grey genetics.

The line which was weaned in mid-November is expected to range between 280-340kg.

In terms of health treatments they have had a single 5in1 vaccination and a Cydectin drench at weaning.

Thompson Brook operation Callanish Grazing will also feature in this weaner sale and this time its offering will consist of 30 Charolais cross, mixed-sex weaners and 15 Angus steer weaners.

The end of April-drop Charolais cross calves are sired by Mr Russell’s homebred Callanish stud Charolais bulls and out of Angus cows based on his own bloodlines, while the pure Angus steers carry all his own bloodlines.

The line was weaned prior to Christmas and will weigh from 280-320kg.

The calves have been vaccinated twice with 5in1.

Regular weaner sale vendors at this time of the season, JL & J Gibbs, Boddington, will also be among the bigger vendors in the sale with an offering of 90 Poll Hereford calves (70 steers and 20 heifers) and 20 Red Angus-Poll Hereford cross, mixed-sex calves (10 steers and 10 heifers).

The May/June-drop calves were weaned in early January and will weigh 260-370kg.

In terms of bloodlines, the Gibbs use bulls from the Quaindering Poll Hereford stud and Willandra Red Angus sires.

Bowelling operation Roemarie Enterprises will have 37 Angus-Simmental mixed-sex weaners on offer.

The July/August-drop calves are out of Simmental cows and sired by Angus bulls.

Buyers looking for Murray Grey calves won’t be disappointed either as there will be a couple of sizeable drafts on offer.

Benger operation Notechis will present 55 mixed-sex Murray Grey weaners, while PJ Reading, Binningup, have nominated 34 mixed-sexed Murray Greys and PR & J Campbell, Karridale will offer 30 mixed-sex Murray Greys.



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