Seymour Park sells to a top of $4500

12 Oct, 2018 04:00 AM
Seymour Park stud principal Clinton Blight holding the Poll Merino ram which topped the overall sale at $4500 when it sold to the Kamora Park Poll Merino stud, Karoonda, South Australia. With him were stud classer Nathan King and John Dalla, South Australia, who bid on behalf of the Boughen family, Kamora Park.
Seymour Park stud principal Clinton Blight holding the Poll Merino ram which topped the overall sale at $4500 when it sold to the Kamora Park Poll Merino stud, Karoonda, South Australia. With him were stud classer Nathan King and John Dalla, South Australia, who bid on behalf of the Boughen family, Kamora Park.

THE combined Seymour Park and Darijon ram sale at the Narrogin shed last week saw 195 rams penned, with 174 Poll Merinos coming from the Blight family’s Seymour Park stud and 21 Merino rams from the Chadwick family’s Darijon stud.

The sale attracted a good number of potential buyers and onlookers from a widespread area.

p Seymour Park

Seymour Park stud principal Clinton Blight and family presented a great run of Poll Merinos.

The sale was conducted by Elders with Don Morgan as auctioneer, and the result saw a total clearance by auction of the 174 rams offered, for an average of $1756.

This year’s sale saw a top of $4500 paid by return clients CD & JIC Boughen, Kamora Park Poll Merino stud, Karoonda, South Australia.

Stud principal Colin Boughen has previously used semen from three Seymour Park sires and last year attended the sale with his son and daughter to negotiate the purchase of a sire privately at $25,000.

Again looking for more Seymour Park bloodlines Mr Boughen had been in touch with Mr Blight who sent over photos and other details of a couple of rams in the team by a new sire, Seymour Park 111.

Obviously impressed but unable to attend the sale, Mr Boughen bid through well-known South Australian stud breeder John Dalla, Orrie Cowie stud, who was at the sale and purchased lot seven at $4300 and went to $4500 to secure lot 28 outbidding Kevin Broad, Elders stud stock, for the Boughens.

Lot 28 was sired by Seymour Park 111 and was blade shorn on March 20, its current wool test figures are 20.7 micron, 3.0 SD, 14.5 CV, 99.8 per cent comfort factor and it was one of the heavier rams in the shed at 118kg.

Mr Dalla said Mr Boughen should be pleased with both his new sires being big heavy cutters with high quality well-nourished bold medium wools.

Another ram to sell for $4300 was in lot four, this along with the first ram offered which sold at $3900 was bought account KLK Tatchbrook Farms, Beaufort River.

Other higher prices saw one at $4100 and another at $3600 knocked down to Cranston Pty Ltd, Dwarda and paying up to $3900 along with purchasing another three, including two at $3800 was Philip Martin, LR & MD Martin, Williams.

Mr Broad was a consistent bidder throughout, buying five up to $3500 on behalf of undisclosed clients.

He also bought eight account JS Rogers, Cunderdin.

Another Elders stud stock team member Nathan King bought two at $3700.

Return stud clients, Chris and Mitchell Hogg, Navanvale stud, Williams, went home this year with one at $3300.

However it was another Williams concern, Cadogan Estates (Australia) which once again had a major impact on the overall sale, buying 38 head up to $3800 and averaging $2320.

Its bidding was done by farm manager Hamish Cook and general manager Tim Johnston.

Mr Johnston said they run about 15,000 ewes on the property, the majority of which are joined to Merino rams with others going to Suffolks.

Mr Johnston said the Seymour Park wool type suited the Williams climate and the operation’s hogget wool recently sold for more than $3000 per bale.

The other volume buyers in the shed were Chris and Diane Broun, Ravensthorpe, who ended up with 20 head at up to $1000.

More locally A & PD Moore, Narrogin, bought 14 up to $1100 and Chad Hawksley, RM Hawksley & Co, Cuballing, went home having secured 10 at up to $2200 and JG & MM Armstrong, Narrogin, were buyers of nine.

In from Hyden, Carlo Varone, CE Varone, bought eight up to $2700 and more northern clients saw Tim Peacock, TG & NL Peacock, Badgingarra, bid successfully on nine head up to $1200 and from Meckering, Doug Kelly, DB & DM Kelly also bought nine going to $1900 for one.

Commenting on the sale, Seymour Park stud classer Nathan King said it was the second year such a number had been offered by the stud, with this year a total clearance of the 174 head offered.

He said he was delighted in the presentation of the rams, after they were born in a tough season last year with a long summer, followed by a wet season locally.

“They have come through very well with the average bodyweight of the rams in the sale team being more than 100kg,” Mr King said.

He said the stud had been performing very well in major WA and Eastern States shows and had a very good result at the recent Rabobank WA Sheep Expo & Sale, at Katanning.

“Over the past five years the growth and size of these rams has improved dramatically and the stud’s commercial clients are gaining through the early growth of their Merino lambs enabling them to get them off as sucker lamb,” Mr King said.

p Darijon

Darijon stud principal Richard Chadwick put up yet another outstanding run of 21 specially selected Merino rams, all blade shorn on March 20.

The offering was well-supported by a number of long term clients of the stud with the sale being handled by Landmark Narrogin through Ashley Lock.

All 21 head sold at auction at an average of $1290, which was up $347 on last year when 21 head were offered and sold.

A top of $2900 was paid for each of the first two rams offered, knocked down account DC Martin & Co, Wickepin.

The second highest price was $1700 this paid for one of three, the other two at $1500 and $1200 bid over the phone by John Patmore, Springhill Farm, Cuballing.

Another was knocked down at $1400 to Colin Saunders, CJ Saunders, Narrogin and another at $1200 which was one of four going to Merv Davis, MJ & KP Davis, Brookton and one other also sold at $1200 to BH Styles & Partners, Highbury.

The volume buyer from the offering was long-term client Tom Hardie, BE & RD Hardie, Narrogin.



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