Weaners taken to $817

25 Jan, 2014 01:00 AM
Vendor Bill Phillips (left) inspected the heavier steers offered by WD & IM Phillips, Manjimup, with Landmark South West livestock manager Darren Chatley
The top liveweight price was 220c/kg, for the best of the lighter steers
Vendor Bill Phillips (left) inspected the heavier steers offered by WD & IM Phillips, Manjimup, with Landmark South West livestock manager Darren Chatley

WITH little fear of contradiction, the offering of 530 weaners at the Landmark Manjimup sale last week was about the best offering seen in the South West this weaner selling season.

With the major vendors all having fully-weaned calves on offer, this attracted a good number of lotfeeder buyers to the sale.

The sale was anchored by the offering of outstanding Angus calves from WD & IM Phillips, East Manjimup, who had in excess of 50 per cent of the offering.

Also contributing to the quality of the yarding were the magnificent calves from Gandy Timbers Pty Ltd, Manjimup, which were much admired by devotees of every breed.

These two vendors shared the day's top prices when the Phillips family took out the steer top price of $817, with the Gandy's top pen of heifers blitzing all comers to make $799.

The top liveweight price was 220c/kg, for the best of the lighter steers. And the pen of Gandy heifers took out the double in the female section when selling for 210c/kg.

The sale started with a line of 13 Gandy Angus of 403kg that got things off to a strong start when volume buyer, Semini Enterprises, paid $794 at 197c/kg.

Jamie Abbs, Landmark Boyup Brook, then bid to 199c/kg for 13 weighing 377kg that cost $750.

Kevin Lewis, buying for RJ Lewis, then lifted the anti to 207c/kg and $700 for the last of the heavier Gandy steers weighing 338kg.

Quality, thickness and volume were excellent on all pens.

A total fo 10 steers of 364kg, from RH & LM Rose & Son, then went to Ralph Mosca at 198c/kg and $720.

The Phillips calves of all weights were then sold with rapid-fire bidding from start to finish on the well-shaped cattle.

The first line of 12, weighing 419kg, topped the steers when Semini Enterprises bid to 195c/kg to outlay $817 for them.

Semini then went on to buy the next four pens, with all holding 12 calves and all making 196c/kg.

With weights scaling down from 403kg to 371kg, these made $790, $788, $760 and $728.

Jamie Abbs paid 197c/kg for 12 weighing 374kg costing $736, followed by another 12 weighing 378kg for $749 at 198c/kg.

Kevin Lewis paid 200c/kg and 210c/kg twice for calves that cost $735, $715 and $714.

Ralph Mosca secured a pen of 12 weighing 357kg at 206c/kg that sold for $736.

Mayanup Meat Makers then snapped up three pens paying $721 and 218c/kg for 331kg calves, 218c/kg and $729 for 335kg calves and the top price of 220c/kg for 13 weighing 293kg for $644.

Ralph Mosca also bid to 218c/kg for a pen weighing 322kg.

Other vendors benefited from the demand as the strength of support continued through other breeds.

One of the best of these were the Charolais-Hereford calves from Stirling Brothers, Pemberton, with the first 10 of these soft steers, weighing 358kg, going to Jamie Abbs at 200c/kg and $716.

Jamie was then pushed to 211c/kg for the next line of 10 Stirling Brothers steers of 342kg that cost $723.

GH & JM Dixon, Bridgetown, sold 15 Angus cross to Ben Cooper, Landmark Bridgetown, with the 352kg steers making $695 at 197c/kg.

Seven lighter grey steers from DK & S Sholer made 200c/kg, while Marrivale Downs sold three Angus of 268kg to NC & V Vellios for $574 at 214c/kg.

The first nine sleek black heifers from Gandy Timbers weighed 381kg and had many buyers assessing these for future breeders, the reason buyer Beval Hall purchased them.

After a heated bidding duel with Ralph Mosca, these were secured for $799 at 210c/kg.

Ralph then was the victor on the next pen of nine at $674 and 192c/kg.

The last 12 of these magnificent heifers were bought by Willowbank, Benger, for $584 at 180c/kg.

The top price in the Phillips heifers went to a pen of six weighing 358kg, bought by Willowbank at 182c/kg and $654.

Summertime Farm bought the first four pens of these, paying 184c/kg, 185c/kg, 187c/kg and 183c/kg to top price of $637.

An indication of the strength of quality was the 182c/kg lowest price for the Phillips heifers.

Stirling Brothers sold seven soft Charolais-Hereford to Willowbank at 189c/kg and $655.

Other vendors in the higher price range included RH & LM Rose, selling at 180c/kg, DJ Mildenhall, at 185c/kg as did TK Watts.

DK Sholer went one cent better at 186c/kg while GH & JM Dixon heifers sold for 182c/kg.



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