Williams sales top at $3900 and $2500

12 Oct, 2018 04:00 AM

SINCE their annual sales last year, a few positive changes have come about for the connections of the Williams-based Noorla Dohne and Barooga Merino and Poll Merino studs.

Until this year Jeremy Genders held his Noorla Dohne ram sale alone in the Williams ram shed on one day in September and the following day the Higham family, Barooga Merino and Poll Merino stud held a Helmsman auction sale on-property.

But with Landmark involved in both sales, discussions between the studs and the local Landmark agents resulted in an agreement that both studs should sell together by the cry auction system on one day in the Williams ram shed.

The decision to do so paid dividends for both studs last week when 23 of the 25 names on the registered buying list made purchases, with some purchasing from both catalogues.

p Noorla Dohne

In the very capable hands of Landmark auctioneer Michael Altus, the first offered on the day were 75 very well-presented rams, all backed by Dohne ASBVs from Noorla Dohnes and 14 of the buyers who registered made purchases during the sale.

By the time the final ram had been knocked down in the Noorla team, 71 of the 75 rams offered had been sold for an average of $1430, which was up by $362 on last year’s result when 72 of 81 offered were sold.

The top price in the Noorla catalogue didn’t come until lot 24 was offered and it attracted a lot of interest, until it became a two-way contest.

Finally it was knocked down at $3900 to Russell Lockyer, Treehaven Farm, Bolgart.

Mr Lockyer, who has been buying from the stud for five years, purchased 11 rams in total from the sale and along with the top-priced sire, purchased two at $3600 and $3200.

The Dohne ASBVs on the top-priced ram were 3.9 WWT, 4.8 YWT, 1 PEMD, 0.1 PFAT, 14.6 YCFW, O.7 YFD, -1.6 YCV and a Dohne Index of 152.7.

The losing bidder on the top ram was Josh Sullivan, JUT Sullivan, Gibson, who has been buying from Noorla for about nine or 10 years and this year went home with 11 rams up to $2400 twice.

Return buyer of three years Tim Pyle, trading as Jeff Pyle & Co, Manypeaks, purchased 10 head, while second-year client from down south James Gorman, M & M Gorman Pty Ltd, Wellstead, bought six.

Another couple of buyers to travel some distance to the sale included Terry Hasson, trading as Burley Grazing Co, Northam, who was bidding on a number of the top-priced rams and in the end loaded up four up to $2500, and DA & J Whisson, Cunderdin, bought two.

Closer to home, two local volume clients were Ash Chadwick, Marradong Farm,Williams, who bought six and Tom Price, TR Price & Co, Wandering, purchased five.

Commenting after the sale, Noorla Dohne stud principal Jeremy Genders said this was his best sale so far since he has been selling a quantity of rams.

With the top-priced buyer Russell Lockyer, Treehaven Farm, having left before the end of the sale, Mr Genders said he had been a client of Noorla Dohnes for the past five years, regularly paying top prices for the rams he wanted.

Mr Genders said Mr Lockyer was a dedicated wool man and selected his rams on that basis, joining numbers in the vicinity of about 1200 Dohne ewes.

It was also pleasing for Mr Genders to see the continued support from so many clients plus the two first time buyers at this year’s sale.

p Barooga Merino and Poll Merino

The move from a Helmsman auction on-farm into the Williams ram shed alongside the Noorla Dohne stud brought about a great result for Andrew Higham and his family.

Last year they offered 99 rams on-property, with 56 selling for an average price of $786 while this year they penned 80 rams and at auction 75 sold to average a solid $1212.

Sprinkled throughout the 80 head were 23 Merino rams and considering the end result, it was the Poll Merinos most were chasing and they sold accordingly.

The top price of the offering was $2500, this was paid for the third ram in the team by Richard Higham, RW & CL Higham, trading as Wild Horse Hill, Williams.

The operation purchased 11 head in total including four Merinos.

The MerinoSelect ASBVs for the top-priced Poll ram included 24.4 YCFW, -0.6YFD, 4.3YWT, 1.0 YFAT, 1.3 YEMD, 153.0 MP+ and 162.0 DP+, while it has raw wool figures of 19.2 micron, 3.3 SD, 17.2 CV and 99.5 per cent comfort factor.

Two other buyers also from Williams each went home with 11 head, they were Colin and Mick Gillett, WE & PM Gillett, who purchased only from the Poll offering and Bruno Maiolo who also selected his, all bar one from the Poll offering.

Another Williams client, Quentin Medlen, QF & LK Medlen, bought only Polls purchasing nine head and from Wagin, MV & T Spooner also bought nine Polls.

One client buying largely from the Merino offering was Glen Ford, PG & SA & DM Ford who purchased with seven Merinos and two Poll Merinos.

Kojonup bidders LG & JM Marinoni bought five head up to $2100, all from the Poll offering and two other buyers closer to home bought seven head including two Merinos between them.

Speaking after the sale Barooga stud principal Andrew Higham said it was a great idea from Landmark for his stud to go into Williams on the same day as the Noorla Dohne sale.

“It was certainly a very good move for us and we felt that with the extra rams in the shed it also attracted more buyers and gave the overall sale a very good atmosphere,” Mr Higham said.



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