Big spot-spraying milestone at Pindar

21 Dec, 2016 02:00 AM
This Terrain Tracker WEEDit boomsprayer will notch up more than 400,000ha this summer in operation at Pindar.
This Terrain Tracker WEEDit boomsprayer will notch up more than 400,000ha this summer in operation at Pindar.

PINDAR farmer Mark Flannagan will this summer pass 400,000 hectares (nearly one million acres) of total WEEDit spot spraying.

Mark and his family purchased their first WEEDit system, installed to a Terrain Tracker boomsprayer, in 2013 and have rarely let the sprayer sit idle.

Currently the Flannagans are running 9000ha of fallow ground as well as controlling this season's harvested stubble.

With more than 250 millimetres (10in) of winter rain and the increase in temperatures, weeds are starting to take off.

Mark explains the original intent in purchasing the WEEDit.

"We were having significant issues with the rate of chemical it was taking to kill different weeds across the farms," he said.

"When you looked at the chemical rate it was taking to kill these weeds but then looked at how few and far between they were, the economics worked to buy the WEEDit."

The Flannagan family took delivery of their second WEEDit system last summer to keep up with the demand of getting to weed locations in a timely manner.

The first WEEDit sprayer has now passed more than 250,000ha while the newer machine is just coming up to 100,000ha in total acreage application.

According to distributor Total Precision, WEEDit operators are consistently seeing chemical savings between 85 and 95 per cent of standard blanket rates.

For the Flannagan family, the initial outlay to purchase WEEDit has now clearly turned to an investment with big returns.

"The hardest thing to kill in our area was Bluebush," Mark said.

"But we have now worked out that two to three early knocks of chemical when the plant is young is our best way to get rid of it.

"Being a woody plant it requires very robust rates of chemical if we leave it too late but with the WEEDit each pass only uses a small percentage of chemical, so we can be aggressive where it's needed."

Total Precision manufactures a dedicated WEEDit sprayer, called the Terrain Tracker - the first versions of which were sold in 2010 and are still used year-round.

The current model boasts a 5000 litre main tank with rinse and chemical induction, but a majority of operators choose not to fill the tank as 3500L of chemical can last beyond 12 hours of spraying.

The Terrain Tracker has been designed with a ground-following boom with castor wheels fitted to the wings to maintain consistent boom height.

Airbag suspension cushions the wings and allows for a smoother ride over rough terrain.

Terrain Tracker WEEDit sprayers are currently in stock ready for this season's summer spray activity.

Widths available are 24m, 30m and 36 metre (80ft, 100ft and 120ft), with options for three metre (10ft) wheel centres for controlled traffic operators.

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