Brereton pushes envelope in chase bin design

30 Sep, 1999 08:22 AM

BRERETON Machinery has enhanced its reputation for producing rugged and innovative equipment gained with the development of a new, round, grain transporter. As further evidence of the popularity of the Brereton products, the company achieved sales of 100 field bins at the recent Mingenew Expo, courtesy of a deal with Wesfarmers Dalgety. The Brereton grain transporter design offers increased structural integrity, while delivering cheaper production costs than conventional square or rectangular designs. Brereton Machinery owner Terry Brereton, who took his grain transporter and two Brereton field bins up to Mingenew from Merredin for the Expo, said while he first came up with the design more than 12 months ago, the bin was only just entering the marketplace, with the first orders now being taken. "The idea to use a round design for the bin, rather than a square or rectangular approach, was basically because a round bin is inherently stronger," Mr Brereton said. "The chassis is constructed from heavy channel with four heavy-duty axles and an adjustable hitch, so growers can adjust to determine the load on the draw bar of the towing tractor." The 24-tonne capacity unit has a hydraulic folding auger for ease of transport, a hydraulic cut-off plate so the auger can be emptied while the bin is full, and a choice of either hydraulic or PTO main drives. Unloading into the bin is made easy with a three metre square opening and a roll tarp to keep grain dry overnight or in case harvesting is interrupted by rain. ÿ


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