Call for comment on quad bike safety

04 Sep, 2012 02:00 AM

WITH 10 lives lost already this year due to quad bike related injuries, the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Bill Shorten has called for public comment on design and engineering controls to improve quad bike safety.

In releasing the public discussion paper today Mr Shorten emphasised the importance of improving quad bike safety in Australia.

“Quad bikes are the leading cause of fatalities on Australian farms with more 150 Australian dying since 2001 from a quad bike incident,” Mr Shorten said.

“It is time action is taken to reduce these shocking statistics.”

The discussion paper calls for public submissions on engineering design options to:

  • improve the current design of quad bikes and stability
  • reduce the capacity of children to start and/or operate quad bikes
  • reduce the capacity for passengers to be carried on quad bikes, and
  • improve protection in the event of a roll over.

    The discussion paper will be open for a four week public comment period closing 28 September 2012.

    “In July this year I hosted a roundtable discussion with senior representatives from farming organisations, industry, unions and community groups to propose a way forward to improve quad bike safety,” Mr Shorten said.

    “At this roundtable I gave my commitment to work with stakeholders to improve quad bike safety in our nation.

    “This discussion paper released today is the next step in a review of quad bike safety in Australia.

    “I encourage submissions from industry, engineers, regulatory authorities, community groups and other interested parties and look forward to hearing your thoughts on how we can collectively reduce these tragic statistics.”

    To review the discussion paper and have your say on how quad bike safety can be improved visit

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    Jen from the bush
    4/09/2012 6:09:18 AM

    Think if they just reduced made one which does not travel fast, it would get rid of so many accident. An employee etc gets out of sight and they just travel fast and faster and these bikes have engines which can drive them very fast. If they put roll bars etc on them, that just makes the idiots go to higher levels. However the fact remains that with income being stretched over ever increasing costs, quads are getting far more use as farmers try to reduce costs.
    GMX Motorbikes
    4/09/2012 8:33:42 AM

    As a leading independent importer/manufacturer of motorbikes in Australia, we at GMX Quad Bikes take rider safety as a paramount consideration in selecting the ATVs we sell. Given the latest media coverage of the arguments of legislative intervention for quad bike riders, we have already been proactive in considering riders’ safety and recently had a meeting between our engineers, designers and manufacturers to investigate and discuss what additional safety features we can implement on our 2013 GMX and future Quad Bikes models to minimize the potential for injuries to riders.
    4/09/2012 3:10:45 PM

    About the same number of people killed by sharks this year.Go away politicians and get out of our lives.
    Die Hard
    4/09/2012 5:44:08 PM

    If you don't want to die on one of these things then , simple, just stay off them. Life comes with all sorts of risks.
    5/09/2012 4:43:13 AM

    mr shorten, there is nothing wrong with quad bikes. sometimes the people riding them do stupid things, or make mistakes. you cannot legislate these bad events away. get used to the idea. mind your own business.
    5/09/2012 8:07:39 AM

    Well said Dunzo and co. I agree.
    5/09/2012 11:19:20 AM

    I have ridden these for mustering for the best part of 30 years.I feel safe & confident riding over cracked mitchell grass plains & pulled country, crawling over logs & big rocks, through stands of thick timber, through water & over flood country that would bog a duck & up & down steep creek channels. I can carry dogs & the esky on the back. It tows a trailer when I work in the garden. If I was asked how I used the brakes, gears, or my weight & body position to balance & control the thing, I would need to have a think about it, this comes with the ease of long practice. cont
    5/09/2012 11:23:50 AM

    So don’t let learners get on them without plenty of training & practice, & a helmet. Certainly don’t let young children ride one at all. Jen is right, some modern versions are geared more towards sport than being a workhorse, are too big & can reach high speeds, not necessary in our use of them. Many people I know use quads just as I do, they play a big part in the running of our country, & really come into their own in wet & flood times, often being the only way we can check or move our livestock. Fitting cpd’s or similar would severely limit their use. Leave the bikes alone & fix the riders.
    6/09/2012 6:27:15 AM

    "reduce the capacity of children to start and/or operate quad bikes" This is madness, parents should tell their kids not to ride the bike and thats the end of it. What about some responsible parenting? Why should my new bike be made harder to start because some stupid parent cannot control their children? This whole topic is all about these groups trying to justify their existence at the expense of hard working farmers. I for one have had enough of people interfearing into my business and trying to make my life harder because some people cannot look after themselve and be responsible.
    6/09/2012 9:25:06 AM

    You are so right inverell. I read through the submission form on Quadwatch, & there is no opportunity to comment on anything other than how to modify the bikes. My granddaughter climbs onto mine & will turn the key, it is just so simple to remove the key & stow it where she can't find it (& whereI can remember where it is!). In the last decade I personally know 6 people killed in aircraft of different types, another 4 survivors albeit with horrific injuries, several killed by motorbikes, tractors, horses & vehicles. Not one fatality on a quad ever since they've been in use on properties.


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