Case school shines in making hay

30 Jun, 2004 10:00 PM

CASE-IH has made a concerted effort in the past 18 months to promote its hay division and a recent dealer hay school at Muresk highlighted the company¹s commitment to updating dealers on latest technology changes.

The company has released its second generation LBX square balers with stronger plunger assemblies, which provide denser, harder edged bales.

Case-IH business development manager Tom Parton said the Case-IH hay and forage range had been boosted by the release of the new LBX series square balers.

The new models, the LBX332 and LBX 432, produce a five per cent density increase, more easily adjusted pick-ups, modified and strengthened plunger assembly and an increase to six knotters on the LBX 432 model.

²The first generation LBX balers were well-received and these latest versions build on that success to offer higher productivity and greater ease of use,² Tom said.

Originally adjusted on chains to set ride height, the pickup is now carried on a collar that can be easily set from one side of the machine, allowing fast changes to suit conditions.

Also on the same side is a similar, easy to perform adjustment of the pickup weight compensation system.

The bale chamber walls are now smoother and the plunger rail design improved to achieve better crop flow and higher compression levels for a denser bale.

The five per cent density increase can be seen in the bales¹ hard edges, representing excellent top and side-fill.

The result is a great-looking bale that is sturdy and strong, yet can be easily divided for feeding.

In keeping with the higher-density bales, the number of knotters has been increased on the new LBX432, providing greater strength and security should a twine break.

Bales retain their shape and rigidity even with extended handling, and so enable easier loading, unloading and transport.

Large-scale farmers and contractors will appreciate the increased capacity and higher productivity.

The new LBX has an enhanced driveline, including larger clutch packs that are able to dissipate heat more efficiently and absorb brief energy overloads.

Increased twine storage means longer working periods without a return to base, while the option of connecting a thermal printer to the performance monitor allows accurate recording of bale numbers and quantity chopped - ideal for the contracting market.

The Case hay range also includes a 628 round baler and DCX mower conditioners.

The company also markets a WDX1701 self-propelled windrower which can be matched with a disc mower conditioner (RDX161) or a draper front for swathing.

It will accept widths from 7.6m (25ft) to 10.9m (36ft).

Featuring a six cylinder 124kW (166hp) turbo-charged engine, it also has a multi-function propulsion lever used in axial flow combines which adjusts with the seat to maximise operator comfort.

The windrower is seen as ideal for large-scale growers or contractors.



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