Complete mowing package

28 Apr, 2004 10:00 PM

KUBOTA Australia has released a new compact mower with a 400L catcher that hydraulically elevates for dumping.

Designated the GZD15, the company claims it is the complete mowing package.

Grass can be quickly cut, collected and disposed of using diesel power and the zero-turn concept, which can be likened to turning on the spot.

Powered by a 15hp Kubota two-cylinder diesel engine, the GZD15 has a 1066mm (42in) cutting deck and uses twin hydrostatic transmissions with gear reduction drive to achieve a zero radius turn. Steering is via two lever control handles.

The deep cutting deck handles thick grass and the two specially designed glide cut blades not only cut grass, but also channel clippings directly into the 400L capacity catcher, avoiding the need for a side-mounted turbine.

The advantages of using blade tip velocity to fill the catcher include fuel savings (there is no turbine to drive) and extra manoeuvrability because the overall width is reduced.

Power is transmitted to the deck via shaft drive and for durability, the GZD15 has a hydraulic wet multi-disc PTO clutch and PTO brake. A single hexagonal belt drives both mower blades.

Raising the deck is easy ‹ operators only need to depress a foot pedal.

With the deck in the raised position, clearance of more than 127mm is achieved, allowing the machine to negotiate curbs and other obstacles.

For versatility, the catcher can be raised to a height of 1.8m ‹ high enough to dump clippings in the centre of a small truck.

This feature makes the GZD15 ideally suited to semi-commercial operations, where clippings need to be collected and disposed.

Adjustments can be made to lower the raising height if dumping is required under trees.

A maximum travel speed of 13.5km/h ensures the GZD15 can quickly travel between work areas and the 20L fuel tank means fuelling stops are kept to a minimum.

A lockable one-piece hood allows access to the engine for routine maintenance and servicing.

The recommended retail price is $17,000 (excluding GST).


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