Contractors choose to harvest with NH

23 Nov, 2005 08:45 PM

BOYUP Brook farmer Peter Hilder has tried his share of combine harvesters over the years, starting with a Massey Ferguson 585 PTO header.

But his latest headers, two New Holland CR970s, are the pick of the bunch, according to Peter, who with his son Corey has been busy with contracting work in the northern Wheatbelt.

³We bought the CRs in September through McIntosh and Son in Katanning and they have performed to expectations,² Mr Hilder said.

³With our contracting work, we wanted class eight headers to get extra capacity to get the jobs done quickly."

To ensure capacity in a range of crops, 11.8m (39ft) Honey Bee draper fronts were chosen and early harvest forays in mild conditions saw the CRs averaging 30-35t/h in a range of crops ­ canola (yielding 1.1t/ha), lupins (2t/ha) and wheat (2.5t/ha).

³I expect we¹ll get a lot better figures when we get a run of hot weather,² Mr Hilder said.

³To be honest, we were a little surprised and happy at the capacity we got and the ease of using the header.

³It¹s a very comfortable cab which is well sound-proofed and you¹re not hassled by noise or vibrations as much.

³We also like the auto crop settings and the self-levelling sieves, which was a big point in us getting the CRs because we have a lot of hilly country at home and we know about losing grain from overloaded sieves.

³The sheep will find it hard to get a feed now.

³Once you do the crop settings, it¹s pretty easy and you only need the occasional tweak to ensure the sample is maintained according to the crop conditions.²

With two headers, the Hilders can service up to 11 road trains a day depending on weather conditions.

The CR970 is the flagship of the CR range and is equipped with a 276kW (370hp) Iveco engine.

The CR has a twin rotor design that New Holland says delivers the highest centrifugal force for faster separation and gentle handling, while the self-levelling cleaning system boosts capacity on flat ground and on slopes up to 17pc.

The overhead-style unloading auger is available in 5.4m (18ft) and 6.4m (21ft) lengths to accommodate fronts up to 12.7m (42ft).

Offset kingpin steering geometry improves turning performance by reducing turning radius, even though the wheelbase of CR combines is 35cm (14in) longer than prior models. The design allows more clearance to the frame and a sharper steering angle.

Complete residue management system allows you to spread and drop chaff and straw with the flip of a lever.

An optional straw chopper uses dual, reversible, serrated knives and you can adjust the right-hand and left-hand spread with a single lever or add the optional in-cab adjustment.



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