Diesel transfer made easier

29 Dec, 2008 01:36 PM
In action: Silvan Australia's polyethylene diesel transfer unit.
In action: Silvan Australia's polyethylene diesel transfer unit.

Claimed to be Australia’s first polyethylene diesel transfer unit, supplier Silvan Australia says the Selecta transfer unit (pictured) comes with a tick of approval from Work Cover Victoria.

General manager of the manufacturer, Selecta, Sophie McCarthy, says that, with no Australian standard to follow, the company took it upon itself to research and develop a fully-approved unit, able to withstand Australia’s tough environment.

“The concern was originally raised when several Australian fuel retailers declared that portable fuel containers were unsafe to fill - unless they carried an approval,” Ms McCarthy says.

“They can no longer have this concern with the new and approved 400L Silvan diesel transfer tank.”

The new units, which also meet United Nations specifications, are the culmination of a seven-year research and development program.

“What this all means is that a machinery operator can feel secure in that, by using this equipment they know, they are working within Work Cover regulations, United Nations specifications and with a company committed to giving Australian users the best,” Ms McCarthy says.

Diesel transfer units are available in 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1000L capacity, with a range of options including high flow or dual voltage 12 volt pumps and flow meter/litre counter options.

Other features common to all units in this diesel range include:

· Impact resistant Polytuff tank with lid and breather.

· Trigger filling nozzle gun with automatic shut-off.

· 4 metres of battery cable (with alligator clips) that connects to power supply.

· 4 metres of 19mm I.D. delivery hose to reach most vehicles.

· 12 Volt, 22 Amp Vane Pump, open Flow Rate = 40L/min.

· Suction foot filter on internal suction line.

National farm machinery news from Rural Press agricultural weekly newspapers, Fairfax MediaSource: http://www.silvanagcess.com.au


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