Emmerson's John Deere paradise

23 Feb, 2005 10:00 PM

TALK about Willy Wonker and the chocolate factory. What about Eager Emmerson and the John Deere toy factory.

This five-year-old son of Katanning farmer Doug Smith, should be a monty for a marketing trip to Deere's North American factory, Dyesville, Iowa.

Why? Well one look at his John Deere toy collection tells the story.

This likeable lad has a huge range of John Deere toys backed by a growing knowledge of the product.

While some of the words in the brochures might be a bit hard to get his mind around, his visual knowledge of what's what is excellent and he has no trouble identifying different models.

He started with a John Deere 7800 collectable tractor and now has a range of equipment including combine harvesters, offset discs, seeding rigs, more tractors, caps, brochures, drink flasks and pillow slips (embossed with the John Deere logo).

Christmas and birthday presents are fairly predictable and his latest acquisition is a John Deere roadster bike (Christmas present).

And although it has front axle suspension, it doesn't have the John Deere Active Seat or the Infinitely Variable Transmission.

But that will come later when he is ready to tackle the big boys' toys such as the John Deere 8320 tractor which is Doug's latest acquisition.

Emmerson has the collectable 8320 and at the moment isn't phased about the high tech extras although Doug is very happy with the new farm workhorse.

"It's a very reliable and comfortable tractor with some excellent technical features which makes the job easier," Doug said.

According to Doug's wife Kym, a trip to hospital three years ago set Emmerson on the path to becoming arguably Australia's youngest John Deere aficionado.

"When he was in hospital we bought him a John Deere jigsaw puzzle, some brochures and a few John Deere toys to cheer him up," Kym said.

"It just led on from there."

Expect to see Emmerson dragging his parents to the AgWest Machinery stand at next month's Wagin Woolorama to look over the new John Deere 4920 self-propelled sprayer.

And some advice for AgWest dealer principal Brenton Aughey: Stock up on the toys.


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