Farmers find new spraying patriot at Case IH display

22 Sep, 2005 07:00 PM

INCREASING interest in liquid fertilisers and foliar spraying, tramline farming and working up and back would probably summarise why there also has been more farmer inquiry on self-propelled boomsprayers.

And Case IH considers it is ahead of the field with its SPX series featuring AIM Command spray technology.

The latest Case model is the SPX4410 Patriot, which sees several new advancements on the existing range.

A new 8.3L 209kW (280hp) engine is the biggest change to give the SPX4410 more grunt in tough spots and at full load, with full-time four-wheel drive.

The six-cylinder power plant is an electronic engine designed to meet all Tier II emissions requirements. Peak engine horsepower can grow up to 307hp in tough conditions with a torque rise of more than 334 foot-pounds (462 Newton-metres).

It uses an expanded cooling package and an electronic fuel injection system with improved engine diagnostics.

In addition, cruise control is standard equipment with the SPX4410's hydrostatic transmission.

Other standard features are the Surveyor cab, AIM Command spray technology and active suspension.

The AIM Command features high and low-flow boom plumbing for easy changes on-the-go to match speed requirements.

The pulse width modulation flow control allows the operator to maintain optimum chemical droplet size across the entire paddock, regardless of speed.

In addition, the product plumbing circuit has been redesigned.

Bypass plumbing has been replaced with a variable-speed pump regulated by pulse width modulated hydraulics.

The new design allows for longer pump life and improved performance.

The SPX4410 also has been designed to cater for liquid chemical and liquid fertiliser applications.


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