Fendt tracks down higher market share

17 Jan, 2018 04:00 AM
This Fendt Vario MT tractor is the latest track offering in a range with power ratings up to 482kW (646hp). It will be available in Australia under the Challenger livery.
This Fendt Vario MT tractor is the latest track offering in a range with power ratings up to 482kW (646hp). It will be available in Australia under the Challenger livery.

THE big news at next week’s annual LAMMA Show in England is the release of the new Fendt 900 Vario MT tracked tractor.

But as far as Australian broadacre farmers are concerned, all eyes will be on the Fendt 1100 MT tracked tractor, which distributors AGCO say will be released in Australia under the Challenger livery.

The latter will boast power ratings up to 482 kilowatt (646 horsepower).

The new offerings give AGCO plenty of confidence Fendt can pick up higher market share in Australia.

But for the moment, the focus is on the Fendt 900 Vario MT range, which is available with Vario transmission and three power offerings – Fendt 938 (283kW, 380hp), Fendt 940 (302kW, 405hp) and Fendt 943 (322kW, 431hp).

According to Fendt, the tracked tractors feature a whole new level of ride comfort, based on a completely new innovative suspension concept, which consists of four elements – an air-sprung operator’s seat, two-point cab suspension, a new SmartRide primary suspension and a re-worked drive with ConstantGrip suspension.

The latter sees three middle track rollers fitted in the track frame via a pendulum suspension (bogie-in-bogie).

This allows the track rollers to be adjusted to follow ground contours.

Other benefits include an even weight distribution over the entire treadbar surface and maximisation of the contact area.

The main beam for the drives is connected to the chassis by the new SmartRide suspension.

The suspension consists of:

p Sturdy helical springs with integrated pressure surge dampers.

p Additional hydraulic shock absorbers for damping if bouncing occurs.

p Hydraulic shock absorbers and spring pads to guarantee optimal suspension behaviour when bouncing occurs, and limit the spring travel.

p A torque rod stabiliser bar which provides the chassis with lateral stability.

This results in a significant longer spring travel of 260 millimetres (10 inches).

The suspension allows a swing angle of 11 degrees on each drive, and is therefore comparable with the front axle suspension of a wheeled tractor.

Fendt also says its 900 Vario MT is the first conventional tracked tractor with a two-point cab suspension, consisting of two dampers with rubber buffer on the front and helical springs with integrated shock absorber on the back.

The total spring travel on the cab rear is 98mm (4in) and provides very soft suspension for effective damping of vibrations, which are transferred directly from the ground via the rigid rear axle.

According to Fendt, the combination of chassis and cab suspension reduces the shock loads considerably.

The 900 Vario MT also allows a small turning circle on the headland, and is ideally suited to wide implements or equipment with a large operating depth.

Fendt’s ‘iD’ low engine speed concept ensures the tractor always operates in the ideal speed range with maximum torque and minimum fuel requirement.

This is how the maximum torque of the new, high-



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