Flexi-Coil match government no-till tax incentive

02 Jun, 2012 02:00 AM

SEEDING and tillage manufacturer, Flexi-Coil, has matched the Federal Government’s 15 per cent no-till tax incentive by offering a 15pc discount for all new no-till equipment.

The government’s Carbon Farming Futures program, an initiative introduced as part of the carbon tax legislation, is designed to reward growers for investing in equipment that reduces or stores carbon.

The program is only available for purchases of new seeding equipment.

Growers wishing to claim the tax offset must first be issued with a 'research participation certificate' for the income year in which they wish to make their claim.

The certificate is issued on completion of a conservation tillage survey which must be completed in the year of purchase.

Information collected via the survey will be used by the Federal Government to create a data set for further agricultural research into soil carbon sequestration and for information on sustainability and impacts of farming practices.

Flexi-Coil Australia’s general manager, Steve Mulder, said the company’s 15pc incentive, combined with the government’s tax rebate, meant customers would save up to 30pc on the cost of new seeding equipment.

Flexi-Coil models eligible under the program include the 2340 air cart and all four models in the 50 Series air cart range when combined with either the ST820 seeding bar, 5000 HD air drill, the 5500 air drill or PD 5700 precision hoe drill.

“Flexi-Coil’s range of seeders are eligible because they are fitted with minimum tillage points, which reduce soil disturbance and water loss, thereby improving the level of carbon stored in the soil,” Mr Mulder said.

“By assisting with water retention in the soil, no-tillage practices also help to reduce the impact of droughts and other severe climatic conditions such as wind erosion in dry seasons.

“Our decision to match the 15pc tax rebate with a 15pc discount is in keeping with our commitment to assist growers to make the most of the changes occurring as part of the carbon tax legislation.”

While the government’s tax rebate scheme applies to new equipment installed between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2015, the Flexi-Coil 15pc discount is applicable to all forward orders placed during May and June this year for delivery prior to March 31, 2013.

As an added bonus, Flexi-Coil is also throwing in a 332-piece Williams’s toolkit, worth over $8000.

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2/06/2012 6:07:16 AM

As a farmer who practices direct drill I can vouch for its virtues however without an arsenal of ECONOMIC to use knockdown herbicides that can be used in rotation the direct drill culture has a limited life as is made apparent by the proliferation of glyphosate resistant fleabane and other glopho resistant flora
zero till
5/06/2012 6:51:08 PM

Theres plenty of life left in glyphosate! With right crop rotations different herbicides and strategic cultivation can reverse resistance.
6/06/2012 7:52:36 PM

Zero, resistance is the inevitability of biology, managing it intelligently is the debate, with a mono culture of ECONOMIC knockdown herbicide options the clock ticks quickly and there is little we can do about it as farmers except to sit back and enjoy the show. “Reversing resistance" shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how biology works


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