Gason gets it right with new Scaritill bar

30 Aug, 1999 04:06 AM

VICTORIAN manufacturer Gason believes it has "got it right" for WA farmers with its new Scaritill deep five-row floating hitch bar. Company WA manager Rob Turley said two key design features enhanced the performance of the unit. "It's a really deep, true, five-row machine, which enables it to get through a lot of stubble," he said. "And it's equipped with straight tines with easy-to-adapt boots. "While there are wheels inside the frame, the design allows plenty of room around the wheels to avoid the blockages. "We also have designed it with simple spring tine adjust via two lock bolts with breakout pressure up to 190kg (420lb). "Tines can set be set at either 20cm (8in) or 25cm (10in) spacings and the 15.2m (50ft) model we worked this seeding season easily went through three and four tonne wheat stubble." Mr Turley said he expected more farmers would opt for the wider bar. "I think we'll probably sell more of the 50-foot models because of the trend towards higher horsepower tractors," he said. "They are also built very strong to stand up to tough conditions." ÿ


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