Getting more from the Nitro

30 Aug, 1999 04:06 AM

pHunt Machinery's Noel Hunt (left) and Dan Cova in front of what was a world first < the conversion of the Nitro boompsrayer into a firefighting rig. HUNT Machinery added another string to the bow of the Nitro self-propelled boomsprayer at Dowerin this year, with a world first conversion of the rig in to a firefighting unit. The move was part of the quest to make the Nitro a true multi-purpose machine and to keep it working as nearly as possible to all-year-round. Distributor Hunt Machinery also added a draw bar to the machine for the event, allowing it to serve a range of other roles as a utility tractor. The Nitro's front-mount boom has already led to it working in WA as a swathing unit and, according to dealer principal Noel Hunt, the addition of the fire-fighting unit, and a drawbar, will help farmers get even more from their machines. The conversion includes a front-mounted water canon, which can be moved with the machine's hydraulics, and is capable of shooting water forward 30 metres. Peace of mind is also aided by the inclusion of high pressure spray nozzles over each of the wheels, which helps to create a cloud of water around the machine for protection in firefighting situations. ÿ


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