Goldacres tracks market with G8 sprayer

29 Jan, 2018 04:00 AM
 The new Goldacres G8 self-propelled boomsprayer on tracks, pictured at Goldacres dealer Staines Esperance last week before being delivered to a local farmer.
The new Goldacres G8 self-propelled boomsprayer on tracks, pictured at Goldacres dealer Staines Esperance last week before being delivered to a local farmer.

THE first Goldacres G8 self-propelled boomsprayer on tracks has arrived in WA.

It has been sold to an Esperance farmer by Goldacres dealer Staines Esperance, with Goldacres national sales manager Ashley Dinning saying it is “stimulating the thinking of a lot of controlled traffic farmers”.

The G8 tracked model is based on the Goldacres G8 8000 litre Super Cruiser.

The self-propelled sprayer has been adapted with four independent Soucy tracks and a new 48 metre (158 foot) tri-fold boom.

According to Goldacres marketing operations manager Steven Richards, the boom had been under development for about 18 months.

“It’s an all new design with three bi-folding spray widths of 20, 36 and 48m (66ft, 120ft, 158ft),” he said.

“Our machines are pretty unique in that they are mechanical drive and the G8 is a full-time 4WD, which enabled a pretty simple fitment of the tracks.”

Mr Richards said that it was a logical choice to develop the G8 for control traffic systems.

“It is a big capacity machine that weighs in at about 20 tonnes loaded, so to have it on tracks with twice the contact area makes sense,” he said.

“After last year’s wet harvest, growers were interested in the increased flotation tracks offered.”

The Goldacres-designed undercarriage allows the fitment of the Soucy S-Tech 7016 track system.

The Soucy system has a 406 millimetre (16 inch)-wide belt with contact length of 2150mm (7ft).

“This will provide twice the ground contact area compared to a 520/85R46 tyre,” Mr Richards said.

“The track width is 3000mm (10ft) and ground clearance of the prototype is 940mm (3ft).”

While the prototype has steering arms on the bottom, the commercial models will have steering arms at the top for increased clearance.

Mr Richards said the G8CT could travel up to 40 kilometres an hour, though like all track systems, operators will need to manage potential overheating and wear.

The 48m Tritech boom on the prototype is a product of 18 months development by Goldacres, aiming to ensure maximum strength, function and boom ride.

Design features include construction from mild steel on the inner wing with aluminium on middle, outer and breakaway wings.

The design aims to provide strength where needed while maintaining weight savings.

The truss structure is designed deep and wide to reduce stress and increase boom strength.

The outer wing features unique hydraulic break-back and break-forward functions and the inner wings feature forward and rearward dampening as well as full yaw control.

“With the 48 metre boom due for release this year, the G8 on tracks offers farmers something unique,” Mr Dinning said.

“Anybody wanting more information can contact their local dealer or Goldacres for more information.

“Goldacres is holding its 40th year celebrations Expo in Ballarat on February 21 and 22 and this will be a great opportunity to see first-hand everything Goldacres has to offer.

“You can register through your local dealer or direct on line at expo.”



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