Honda engine powers new generator

25 Apr, 2013 02:00 AM

POWERLITE has developed a prototype petrol-powered solar backup generator that is due to be released onto the Australian market in the third quarter of this year.

Powerlite national business development manager Ken Fackler, Sydney, said the development of the new generator hinged around it being powered by the new Honda STR petrol engine.

“It has opened up markets that were previously the preserve of diesels,” he said.

“It has a solid-state choke, which regardless of engine temperature or ambient temperature, enables the petrol engine to start remotely.

“The governor keeps the operating revs, and consequently the frequency, in a very tight band.”

Mr Fackler said the incentive rebates that government had offered people to set up solar power systems that fed electricity back into the national grid would be discontinued in the next 18 months.

“Once that is the case there will be no incentive to connect to the grid, but people still need a source of power to keep their batteries charged on overcast days,” he said.

“The Honda engine has given us the ability to deliver to the market a product that can do that and that we are happy to put our name to.”


Retractable hose reels for UTVs

QUIK Spray has developed compact, remote controlled, retractable hose reel systems for UTVs and utilities that have similar features to its conventional units, but without compromising space requirements.

The mechanically-driven reel system is available in 200-litre, 300-litre and 400-litre tank sizes which feature Bertolini pumps and 100-metre hoses.

Quik Spray business development manager Chris Coren said the range was powered by reliable Honda engines.

He said the units had added fire hose and foam wetter canister accessories.


Sevinn’s heavy duty picket puller

THE SEVAAN Group has introduced a larger version of its successful Sevinn XPR post and picket remover.

The Sevinn Heavy Duty XPR has essentially been developed for really big spikes and star pickets, especially the ones that have been in the ground from 20 years or more.

As with the original XPR, the heavy duty model will lift any post from the ground, regardless of its profile, if it fits within its patented jaw system.

The heavy duty XPR, which weights 6.9 kilograms, has twice as much lifting power as the standard XPR.

When positioned on ground level, its friction blade digs into the periphery of the post at an acute angle and gives the post no option except to move upwards and out of the ground, once the operator begins the downward foot pumping action.

It requires no more energy or force than that required by a common foot pump use to inflate a bicycle tyre.

Posts are removed without bending and can be reused.


Miller Titanium welding helmets

WELDING Industries of Australia (WIA) has announced the release of the Miller Titanium Series of welding helmets.

The helmets are designed to provide the protection and durability professional welders demand when working in heavy use, high-heat applications.

The combination of a silver shell to reflect heat and an innovative aluminium heat shield on the lens to assist in keeping the operator cooler, contribute to reduced heat stress.

The Titanium range includes the 9400, a standard shell with external grind button and the 9400i, a lift front design with integrated, high impact grind shield for maximum protection and versatility.

Users can switch between the weld and grind modes at the push of a button.

WIA marketing manager Deborah Adamson said the new helmets were a welcome addition to the company’s already wide range of auto-darkening welding helmets.

As well as the innovative aluminium heat shield, both models in the Titanium Series range feature the InfoTrack arc timer, which allows the user to track arc time while welding, and includes a digital clock display with the ability to set an alarm or timer.

Contact: 1300 300 884.



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