Integrated guidance

22 Dec, 2005 07:00 PM

JOHN Deere has released the first totally integrated guidance package which within 18 months will be available for any tractor, header or SP sprayer, regardless of colour.

Called the Universal AutoTrac assisted steering kit, it already is available for 50/55/60/7000 and 7010 series John Deere MFWD tractors and 60/70 series John Deere 4WD tractors.

The kit is totally integrated in a steering wheel, which replaces the conventional steering column in a vehicle.

Hydraulics kits are not needed.

It also is available for a range of rival tractors and John Deere is planning to release Universal kits models compatible with all its tractors, combine harvesters and self-propelled sprayers and develop kits for fitment to vehicles from Case IH, New Holland, Agco and Caterpillar.

The base components of the kit will continue to be the three GreenStar common components ­ StarFire iTC receiver, GreenStar display and mobile processor.

An AutoTrac KeyCard and universal vehicle kit also will be part of the package for each approved machine.

The kit will be transferable to other vehicles under a John Deere development plan over the next two years.

Deere will progressively announce which vehicles are compatible, including those built by other major manufacturers.

In the future it will provide dealers with the ability to upgrade trades with the kit.

The actual guidance is achieved through John Deere's GreenStar AutoTrac SF1, which offers 33cm (13in) pass-to-pass accuracy to help operators make consistent, straight passes through the field.

This new system is for broadacre applications that do not need row-crop accuracy.

There is no subscription fee for the StarFire SF1 differential correction signal.

According to John Deere dealer Brenton Read, Jolly and Sons, Wongan Hills, when you buy the John Deere AutoTrac SF1 system, you also have the ability to upgrade to higher accuracy.

"All AutoTrac systems use the same GreenStar components so you only need to purchase additional software to update to AutoTrac SF2, which has 10cm (4 in) pass-to-pass accuracy," Brenton said.

John Deere also offers AutoTrac RTK, which uses satellite and land-based differential correction for sub-2.5cm accuracy.

With the addition of AutoTrac SF1, customers will have a complete line of guidance products to choose from and can match accuracy and performance with their operational needs.

Existing users of John Deere's GreenStar system also will be able to upgrade to the new GreenStar Display (GSD) 2100 or 2600 display screens and enhanced software options, including live mapping in colour.

The larger 2600 is a touch screen with the ability to split screens to show different functions simultaneously.

The new GS2 system is totally integrated, eliminating the need for keycards.

GreenStar Basics is pre-installed on every GreenStar display.

It offers real time mapping and familiar applications such as Parallel Tracking, documentation and map-based prescriptions and an aerial-view perspective to help guide the machine.

Only a flash card is needed to download information or upload farm information or software updates.



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