JCB unveils compact wheeled loaders

03 Nov, 2017 04:00 AM

JCB CEA is introducing two compact wheeled loaders to its range – the 403 and the 406ZX – both boasting small dimensions and versatility suited to any task, from material handling to farming applications.

The JCB 403 is a 2.5-tonne articulated chassis wheeled loader and its compact size means it’s perfect for work in constricted spaces such as confined warehouses or small farming sheds.

It features parallel lift, hydraulic attachment pin operation, joystick hydraulics and transmission control, all as standard, and is powered by a Kubota diesel engine, delivering 26 kilowatt (36 horsepower) and 92 Newton metres of torque.

The hydrostatic transmission offers two speed ranges to suit different applications and situations.

JCB CEA national product manager (Wheel Loaders) Deon Cope said the 403 was built with a new ROPS/FOPS cab to provide all-round protection from the elements, dusty working environments and potential hazards.

“Even with the cab fitted, the machine is less than 2.2 metres tall and only 1.1m wide when narrow tyres are fitted, so it can access the tightest sites,” Mr Cope said.

An inching control, operated by the brake pedal, enables the operator to draw on the loader’s hydraulic power to breakout and lift materials without causing unnecessary wear to the braking system and transmission.

The JCB 406ZX wheel loader is a highly productive piece of equipment, with optimal power-to-weight ratio, making it the perfect tool carrier.

The 406’s lift height allows operators to load into trucks, but it’s still compact enough to fit into tight sheds and under small bridges.

“The 406 comes with an easy maintenance mechanical Kohler diesel engine (36kW, 49hp), and the hydrostatic drive on this model makes it easy to operate,” Mr Cope said.

“That means there’s less risk of overpowering the machine at a cost to fuel economy.”

The 403 and 406ZX arrived in Australia last week.

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