Late rush for grain cleaners

28 Nov, 1999 11:34 PM

FARMERS pushing for higher yields, coupled with ever-tightening receival standards, have prompted plenty of last minute demand for grain cleaners this year. Such has been the case for Reg Napier, Napier's Engineering at Bruce Rock, who is putting the finishing touches to a couple of machines for local farmers. Grain cleaners are something of a new string to the bow for Reg and his team, who after 30 years of building grain bins, put together their first grain cleaner last year. Demand from local farmers was the impetus behind the move and, this year, Reg has been hit with a couple of last minute orders for his high capacity and mobile machines. The cleaner uses rotary screens of different sizes and, according to Reg, is capable of cleaning up to 30 tonnes per hour. "That depends of the type of grain being cleaned and what it is being cleaned for," he said. With a 12t storage bin and a 4t seconds hopper, it is able to keep up with today's big headers. And capable of being mounted on the chassis of an old truck, the entire, self-contained unit is very mobile and can be shifted even with grain still on board. It is driven by a four cylinder Perkins motor, will fully hyrdraulic operation. "And its full electrics include Murphy switches, which means it can cut out if something goes wrong," he said. These safeguards mean the cleaners can almost be a "manless" operation and left to "tick over" while harvesting continues. According to Reg, that is the type of machine farmers are now looking for, as well as something that will last the distance. "People are starting to look at cleaners as a long-term investment, and something that can save them a considerable amount of money in certain circumstances," he said. While the big self-contained cleaner is the centre of the growing interest, Reg also supplies the screens by themselves, which allows for a cheaper cleaning alternative. Reg last year fitted a number of the screens into farmers' field bins. "We can basically build these things to individual farmer's needs," he said.


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