Machinery running out

27 Feb, 2008 09:00 PM

WA FARMERS will need to place orders for new machinery by next month to secure their requirements for the 2009 season in the face of a world-wide supply shortage of agricultural machinery.

This warning came from Farm Machinery Dealers Association (FMDA) president Geoff Perkins as a flurry of new and used equipment buying by farmers in the past six weeks has sent stocks of new and good used equipment to rock bottom in WA.

“There maybe a little stock left but by the middle of March, forward ordering for next year will become a reality for everybody,” Mr Perkins said. “Manufacturers in North America and Europe are under the pump meeting demand and are now requiring machinery dealer orders to be fully confirmed with the name of the customer.

“In some cases, factory allocations for equipment are 18 months out, meaning a June 2009 build.

“There is huge demand coming from Russia and the mid northern Europe countries such as Belarus and Ukraine as more land is opened for cropping.”

Mr Perkins said that while there were limited numbers of headers available for the 2008 harvest he expected them to be snapped up by the end of March.

The major shortage of good used tractors, boomsprayers and seeding rigs also has seen a firming of prices at clearing sales.

Local manufacturers also are taking orders for 2009 after many farmers missed out on equipment for this season by ordering too late in 2007.


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