Massey Ferguson unveils new SP sprayer

22 Jan, 2018 04:00 AM
Massey Ferguson's new MF 9130 Plus self-propelled boomsprayer is targeted at entry level self-propelled owners and medium-sized operators.
Massey Ferguson's new MF 9130 Plus self-propelled boomsprayer is targeted at entry level self-propelled owners and medium-sized operators.

MASSEY Ferguson has announced the release of a new self-propelled boomsprayer for Australia and New Zealand.

Designated the MF 9130 Plus, it is targeted to fill demand in the market for an entry level machine that will suit smaller and medium-sized operators.

According to the company its simplicity, strength and value may even tempt some operators to consider it over a large trailing sprayer.

Massey Ferguson has been building the MF 9130 Plus at its manufacturing facility in Canoas, Brazil, for more than six years, where it has enjoyed great success in the South American market.

Massey Ferguson product manager Tim Oldaker said the decision was made to build a machine in Brazil because of the need for a competitively-priced, straight-forward machine that was strong enough to stand-up to the arduous conditions that many South American farmers experienced.

“The MF 9130 Plus definitively hit the mark in Latin America and we’re confident it will do the same in Australia and New Zealand,” Mr Oldaker said.

“We have been putting one of the models to work in local conditions and it has been performing extremely well.

“It has impressed everyone who has spent time behind the wheel or looked it over on display.”

Among the sprayer’s main features is a large capacity Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic transmission with three operating ranges.

The transmission is coupled with Bosch Rexroth variable displacement wheel motors and final drives, providing full-time 4WD with a cross-drive transmission system.

“It has two large capacity 90cc pumps that work together to maintain constant traction,” Mr Oldaker said.

“One pump drives the front left and rear right wheel while the second pump drives the front right and rear left wheel.

“This ensures that if a wheel hits a wet patch and breaks traction or if the weight comes off one wheel in extreme undulations, all the other wheels continue driving to keep the machine moving forward.

“Some competitor machines do not have this feature.”

A unique feature of the MF 9130 Plus is the addition of a DA (double acting) valve to the transmission system.

This allows the sprayer to run normally at reduced engine RPMs.

Mr Oldaker said unlike most hydrostatic machines, the MF 9130’s engine could happily run at 1700-1800 RPM while maintaining full torque for the engine and hydraulic system.

“The obvious benefits are the machine’s excellent fuel efficiency and prolonged life of the sprayer’s hydraulic system,” he said.

The MF 9130 Plus features a AGCO Power six cylinder 157kW (210hp) Tier Three engine; a 365 litre fuel tank; 3000L commodity tank with 240L fresh water flush tank; a 549L/min Hypro stainless steel ‘force field’ main commodity pump; options for a 24 metre (80 feet) or 28m (92ft) boom with fence line nozzles and Norac boom-leveling as standard.



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