Meet the new generation of MX Magnums

28 Apr, 2004 10:00 PM

THE MX Magnum series heralds the new generation of row-crop and broadacre tractors in Australia, with upgrades involving power, drive train and operator comfort.

In response to customer feedback, Case-IH has added high productivity features and taken the demonstrated performance of the MX series Magnum to the next level ‹ but not at the expense of proven efficiency.

Case IH marketing manager Phil Withell said the MX210, MX230, MX255 and MX285 offered 172, 193, 218 and 243 PTO horsepower respectively.

All models included ground-breaking features such as a simple suspended front axle design to enhance traction and ride quality at higher speeds, new programmable transmission features, and a choice of comfortable cabs ‹ complete with a red leather seat option and accessories in the luxury version.

The Tier II, ISO-mounted engines featured an advanced cooling package to cope with the exacting power requirements demanded by a variety of applications and customer types.

"We know from experience that our engine and chassis combination delivers unrivalled power and tractive performance," Mr Withell said.

"The torque rise and power growth generated by our 8.3L engine when it's needed most, results in optimum fuel consumption and longer engine life."

The MX Magnum series also featured an 18-speed, full powershift transmission, including extra friction plates and increased clutch pressure for durable, long-life in continuous high-load applications.

In addition, the MX Magnums provided performance-enhancing features in the transmission, including a programmable end-of-row shift on the upshift and downshift between one and four ratios, at the click of a button.

There was also the ability to match the forward to reverse shuttle speeds for row-crop applications such as cotton, and an auto shift feature that provided automatic control of forward gear selection, allowing the operator to maintain speed without shifting.

In transport, the auto road operation provided constant speed control.

"In the paddock, auto operation automatically upshifts and downshifts to respond to varying load conditions, while maintaining engine speed," Mr Withell said.

"Farmers we've talked with say they appreciate this feature most in tillage applications, where the tractor's load can be constantly changing.

"The system saves effort and optimises performance."

An electronic fuel system on the MX255 and MX285 continually monitored engine performance and adapts to ensure peak efficiency. Standard and heavy-duty suspended MFD axles provided increased stability, an improved ride and better traction compared with previous models.

The performance monitor was a standard feature and had been expanded to track the percentage of power used and allow individual control of each hydraulic remote circuit.

Individual remote valve timers could be pre-set for hydraulic applications such as raising and lowering implements.

There was a wide range of tyre options and all models can be equipped with heavy-duty axles suitable for front dual wheels.

"We've seen tremendous acceptance and demand for front duals since we introduced them in 1998," Mr Withell said.

"Customers are telling us the paddock advantages of tyre systems, combined with the excellent flotation of front duals, far outweigh any advantages gained with two-track systems. That is why front duals are offered for the entire Magnum line.

"These can be specified on the smaller Magnums fitted with heavy-duty front axles and are available on the larger Magnums as standard.

"The beauty of the front dual option is there is no need to fit expensive axle suspension systems just to run duals."

The MX Magnum featured a heavy-duty drawbar, new power-boosted brakes, more flow at the remotes, and a three-point hitch lift capacity of 8138kg at up to 610mm through the range.

The new series also included a ride control feature which cushions load shocks to the tractor from implements during transport.

"The unique positive response seat suspension uses a sensor, and a controller system mounted inside the seat suspension to send electronic signals to the shock absorber which changes the dampening effect from firm to soft up to 500 times a second," Mr Withell said.

"This system adapts instantly to each individual driver and terrain continuously and automatically, providing optimum comfort."

All of this was in the industry's largest, quietest cab, with the luxury choice of red leather upholstery on the seat, throttle and steering wheel, and a wheat-coloured carpet and tinted rear window.



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