MF seeding rig offering to WA market

30 Apr, 2017 04:00 AM
 The Massey Ferguson 9750-6010 air till drill.
The Massey Ferguson 9750-6010 air till drill.

MASSEY Ferguson has ratcheted up its tillage and seeding range for the WA market with its 9000 Series ‘air till drill’ and air seeder.

According to the company, the MF9750-6010 ‘air till drill’ offers one-pass seeding, with ribbon-seeded bands and multiple fertiliser placement options.

With a 137.5mm (5.5in)-wide ribbon of seed and only 112.5mm (4.5in) between rows, Massey says plant response results in a stronger stem, superior roots and maximum yields.

Depending on the choice of seed openers, fertiliser can be placed with the seed in a 137.5mm seed and fertiliser ribbon, or can be placed in the seed ribbon and below or to the side of the seed.

The other key to uniform emergence in cereal grains is proper seed bed packing.

The packing wheels are mounted on walking tandems so running over stones, clods, or ridges, the packing ability is not hindered

Shanks are optimally placed for maximum residue clearance.

There are no clog points where shank placement is compromised to fit the drill frame.

Optional coulters are available to allow operation in extreme residue conditions and optional disc levellers on the shanks prevent “stepping” – soil from rear shanks covering front rows deeper.

The MF 9920-525 air seeder is made up of three models with capacities up to 525 bushels, with the stainless bins available in three configurations, depending on the bushel capacity.

They range from the large, three compartment 525 and 380-bushel, model 9930, to the smaller, two-compartment 335 and 280b 9920 models.

The 9930 can be configured as towbetween or tow behind.

The blower system is hydraulically-driven and provides a strong, consistent airstream that gently delivers seed and/or fertiliser to the disc openers.

Seed and fertiliser compartments always remain under positive pressure during operation to ensure accurate product flow to the metering system.



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