MF swather a canola special

30 Aug, 1999 04:06 AM

NEW to the Agco stand at Dowerin this year was the Massey Ferguson series II self-propelled swather. The swather is called the canola special, as it was designed and constructed in the US with canola swathing particularly in mind. And, with 900,000 hectares of canola in WA this year, its services look like being in demand. The unit uses Agco's own draper front technology, which it shares with the company's proven range of headers. The draper belt has two windrow options, with the row able to be placed either in the centre of the front or to the operator's right of the machine with the flick of a switch from the cab. The 220 model on display is powered by a Perkins 1000 series engine. The new swather was part of an impressive Massey Ferguson line-up under the Agco banner last week, the like of which, according to Agco broadacre sales manager Glen Stanley, had not been seen at the field days for some time. The MF contingent included the range of tractors, from the 6200 and 8200 series, with horsepower ranges from 65hp to 260hp. Also on show were the two new headers < the conventional MF8680, and the rotary MF8780 < which were released last year after a period of absence of new MF harvesters in WA crops. The conventional model is "basically a Gleaner" according to Mr Stanley, and the high capacity class six machine includes the heavy duty, four speed gearboxes and final drivers, with a 3000 bushel tank and the power of a turbo 8.3L Cummins C series. The 8780 will appeal to the strong demand for rotary machines in WA, with a hydrostatically driven rotor providing smooth threshing and allowing simple reverse drive clearing of plugs from the cab. It is powered by a Cummins C series, with an output of 260hp. ÿ


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