Mixer adds milk bonus

09 Feb, 2016 01:00 AM
Jaylor 5650 mixer
Jaylor 5650 mixer

A new Jaylor feed mx unit has translated to more litres per head according to a South Australian dairy and mixed farmer.

Fleurieu Peninsula dairy, sheep and beef farmers, Michael, and father, Peter Krichauff have been using a single auger mixer for the past six years but stepped up to a Jaylor 5650 twin auger mixer to feed their 270 head dairy herd.

Farming 607 ha the Krichauff’s had been feeding out in the paddock, but built a 1100 square metre feed pad a year ago which has contributed to savings and the productivity improvement.

They now feed a ration of lucerne blended with an oaten/vetch hay blend, silage, their own pasture hay, potatoes, brewers’ grain and canola meal through the Jaylor they purchased three months ago

The Canadian built 5000 series mixers are well known in the feedlot and dairy segment and used in operations from a 100 to a few thousand head.

Designed to quickly process round and square bales and mix pre-processed silage and grain rations, these mixers achieve a consistently uniform feed product in 3 - 5 minute according to the company.

In the Krichauff’s case the machine’s reputation has been evident in improved milk numbers.

Michael Krichauff said he has seen steadily improving herd performance with 2-3 more litres per cow, significantly increased proteins and butter fats, and overall improvements in condition and conception rate.

“With the JayLor twin auger mixer, we control exactly what the cows are getting and we can mix and feed out 4 tonnes in 40 minutes,” he said.

“The mix is very consistent, high quality, credit card length material and the cows clean it up like there’s no tomorrow.

“And we’re saving at least 30-35 per cent on operating costs. The tractor uses 8 - 10 litres of fuel an hour with the mixer on, and it’s taking us only two thirds of the time it used to, to feed out at the feed pad,” he said.

The square cut auger and specially oriented self-sharpening knives provide a fast, clean, high quality mix while the gentle action of the slide plate, which gathers feed into the auger for elevation, decreases friction on the feed, retaining more nutrition and reducing the horsepower required by 20 per cent, Jaylor claims.

The 5650 twin auger TMR mixer on the Krichauff’s farm has 18.4 cubic metre capacity without extensions, 18 knives and a drum width of 231 cm. It has an auger speed of 41 rpm and requires a minimum 77 kW tractor.

Michael Krichauff said he researched other brands and said one of the problems with the competition was the after-sales support.

“We knew from past experience that we’d get good support from our dealers and (distributor) Howard Australia with a JayLor mixer.

“They care about the results we’re getting, not just the results they’re getting. Hats off to them for that.

“We’ve got neighbours who use different brands and I’ve seen how the machines are working. I don’t think anything comes close to the design and performance,” he said.

Tom McKenny

Tom McKenny

is the national machinery writer for Fairfax Agricultural Media


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