New age in livestock transport

29 Oct, 2008 08:32 AM
The new C-train
The new C-train

THE C-train, a new age in livestock transport vehicles, was presented to the industry last week.

The road configuration is the brainchild of Mitchell’s Transport owner John Mitchell.

He said it combined the best features of a B-train and a pocket road train but offered greater safety and capacity.

Mr Mitchell said the increased focus on animal welfare, rising costs and the need to ensure worker safety created the C-train which is effectively a short B-triple.

Mitchell’s Transport annually moves 400,000 cattle and covers 2.5 million kilometres.

Mr Mitchell said the idea for the C-train was a response to a customer who supplied cattle to the Japanese market and who wanted a specific number of cattle moved to match with a container load.

“It is something I have been thinking about for three years,” Mr Mitchell said.

“The design we came up with was the same length as a pocket road train at 27.5 metres and had a total mass of 93.5 tonnes, which is a bit heavier than the pocket road train, but it increased carrying capacity over the B-double by 20 per cent.

“We came up with a design and then had to ensure it would be suitable to the job and, most importantly, safe on the road before building it.

“The welfare of the cattle goes hand in hand with the stability of the truck.”

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30/10/2008 7:42:44 AM

It is fine to put a carry crate together that will suit the livestock, but what about the safety of the men and women that clamber up the sides of these trucks to load and unload their animals or some one elses animals. I have seen some near miss falls and have cringed at the thought of a person hitting the concrete below never to walk again. It is a long way to fall. If a new truck is out then it is high time some form of walkway was added to the sides of a truck to make it safe for the truckies. What does work safe have to say about this idea and the safety of the companies' employees. I would like to see a push for safety at work and this is not the case for the poor old truckie and his livestock vehicle.
14/02/2015 3:46:30 PM, on Farm Weekly

The best and user friendly stock crates came out of the Cloncurry area in the 80s, they are that far in front of these new ideas, it's not funny. WE GOT WHAT WE WANTED BUT LOST WHAT WE HAD.


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