New Case IH Magnum 340 grows with the farm

29 Dec, 2011 02:00 AM
Western Australian farmer, Brett Warr, chose the new Magnum 340 model due to its capacity to grow with his business.
Western Australian farmer, Brett Warr, chose the new Magnum 340 model due to its capacity to grow with his business.

WESTERN Australian farmer Brett Warr says he has chosen to expand his fleet with the Case IH Magnum 340 due to its capacity to grow with his business.

In February 2010 after five years of planning, Brett and his brother, John, officially took over the family farming business from their father, Avon. The move saw a 50/50 split of the land and assets at Yuna, 70 km north-east of Geraldton.

However, 28-year-old Brett recently took his half of the business to a new level, leasing an extra 1,200 hectares on top of the 4,800 hectares he acquired from his father.

“I was using my high horsepower Case IH Steiger 535 on relatively small tasks such as pulling the chaser bin,” explained Brett.

“It wasn’t productive to use such a large tractor for such small tasks, so I decided to expand the fleet to include a smaller tractor which had the horsepower we needed for the immediate tasks and the capacity to take on extra tasks as the business grows.”

After looking around at a number of competitor’s machines, the all new Magnum 340 stood out as the obvious choice. In fact, the Magnum 340 set new industry records with the preliminary Nebraska Tractor Test Lab results showing it to be 5.2 per cent more fuel efficient than the new 2012 John Deere 8335R at maximum drawbar pull. It also tested 3.5 per cent more fuel efficient at 75 per cent drawbar pull maximum power, and 4.2 per cent more fuel efficient during standard speed PTO operation.

“The Magnum is primarily being used to pull a 25-tonne chaser bin and a spreader at the moment. Ideally I’d like to double the size of my business and, with the Magnum being such a powerful machine, it’s got the ability to tackle any number of future tasks from silage to pulling a seeding bar,” said Brett.

The new Magnum range is more than 60 per cent new and features a powerful 8.7 litre engine. The range has also been developed without emissions reduction technology bolted on, which delivers definite time and cost savings, Brett added.

“The new Magnum range is powerful, fuel efficient and simple to own and maintain due to the fact that Case IH hasn’t included SCR or EGR components in the engine,” Brett explained. “It’s just one less thing to worry about.”

With its front axle suspension, stability and traction are a given, even on rough terrain.

“As far as front wheel assist tractors go, it’s the smoothest one I have ever ridden in,” said Brett.

“The cab suspension is another great feature, which works in conjunction with deluxe air seating to ensure operator comfort.”

Operator comfort is enhanced further with a quiet cab rated at just 69 dBa at field speeds.

When it comes to control, the Multicontroller arm rest puts key functions at the operator’s fingertips.

“We also like the fact that it features the AFS Pro 700 screen, which is compatible with the technology we’re using in our other equipment, a Case IH Axial-Flow 9120 header, a 4420 self-propelled sprayer and the Steiger 535. Using compatible technology across our fleet ensures it’s easy for our operators to move from one machine to the next. Given the difficulty of finding labour, ensuring your gear is easy to operate is really important.”



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