New Holland 4WD offers power and fuel savings

29 Aug, 2012 02:00 AM
Farmpower group manager Stephen Brown (left), Quairading, discusses the attributes of the New Holland T9670 with Garrett Browning, Kondinin, Farmpower Kulin salesman Greg Tyley and Bruce Browning.
Farmpower group manager Stephen Brown (left), Quairading, discusses the attributes of the New Holland T9670 with Garrett Browning, Kondinin, Farmpower Kulin salesman Greg Tyley and Bruce Browning.

IT is a good feeling when you don't have to thrash your high horsepower 4WD tractor while pulling a 18.2m (60ft) bar linked to a 22 tonne capacity air seeder.

Engine load sits between 45 and 50 per cent with occasional spikes up to 70pc, the speed range is a comfortable 1600rpm and wheel slip is between three and four per cent.

It's even more enjoyable when you know you're saving a lot of fuel while driving the most powerful 4WD tractor ever built by New Holland.

That has been the case for the Browning family, Kondinin, this year, after upgrading to a New Holland T9670, bought from Farmpower Quairading.

Bruce Browning's son Garrett has the enviable task of main driver, though Bruce and his brother Chris have succumbed to the temptation to discover what the New Holland flagship has to offer, shoed with triple tyres.

If you know where to look on the Intelliview IV touch screen, you can spit out a few more figures.

Engine hours so far total 410, engine load averages 44.9pc and fuel usage an hour averages 28 litres.

"In 2010 we used 32,000 litres of fuel at seeding, then 34,000 litres last year in a dry year and this year we're down to 27,000 litres," Garrett said.

"That's a big cost saving," Bruce said. "I must admit I had some reservations about the tractor coming with AdBlue but it's not an issue and the fuel usage tells the story.

"The AdBlue tank holds 275 litres and we only have to top it up every second or third fill."

The T9670 is a far cry from the first tractor Bruce drove - two C6100s in tandem producing 150kW (200hp) pulling double hitch seeders.

"It was better than a 200hp 4WD tractor at the time," Bruce said.

While Bruce and Chris have always been New Holland buyers of combine harvesters, this is their first New Holland tractor.

Inadvertently they have become one of the first farming families in Australia to own a T9670, which oozes technology.

With HP 10cm (4in) guidance, the Brownings prefer to use the guidance display from the CR harvesters while using the bigger IntelliView IV for management functions.

A New Holland-designed SideWinder II armrest offers the ultimate in ergonomic operation with a CommandGrip controlling all primary functions.

The T9 range can be factory specified with New Holland's integrated IntelliSteer auto-guidance precision farming system which is managed through the IntelliView system.

The Integrated Control Panel (ICP), enables users to regulate or fine tune a host of tractor parameters during working for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Features such as Engine Speed Management and Terralock Traction Management can be controlled through the intuitive panel to ensure the T9 range always works at peak performance.

The one-touch interface eliminates the need for complex menus or procedures.

The company also has further tweaked the reduction in cab noise levels which is enhanced by quieter-running Cursor 9 and 13 SCR engines.

New Holland tractor product manager Don Forrester said farmer feedback on the performance of the SCR engines in the T Series tractors reflected the positive acceptance of the new technology.

"Most comments I get relate to improved fuel efficiency," he said. "The other aspect is that with our Engine Power Management System, which continuously adjusts engine output to perfectly match actual working conditions, owners are gaining optimum power at the most efficient settings."

New Holland claims the T9 range offers the best hydraulic performance in its segment courtesy of up to eight rear-mounted hydraulic remotes.

Standard flow offers up to 159 litres a minute with an optional high flow variant delivering up to 216L/min.

When combined with the optional Mega Flow, which offers an additional 212L/min, a total hydraulic flow of 428L/min is achievable - ideal for large seeding rigs.

In order to offer optimised productivity and fuel efficiency, New Holland has developed the Ground Speed Management (GSM) concept for the T9 range.

Similar in operation to a CVT transmission, the operator sets the ideal working speed and then the engine rpm and the gears are automatically calibrated to ensure the most efficient operation. Once the GSM mode has been engaged, the engine throttle will no longer control the engine rpm, instead it controls forward speed.

To offer optimum efficiency under heavy loads, the control system will select a lower gear so the power train can take on higher loads to produce more power.

But as soon as the load is decreased the control system will raise the gear and decrease the engine rpm to ensure optimum operation.

Available in two modes, field mode offers speeds as low as 4km/h, at rated engine speed and road mode provides a top speed of 40km/h.



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