New rollers are cut above rivals

30 Oct, 2003 07:00 PM

NEW Holland has taken the lead in hay production with their newly released super mower conditioner rollers.

According to McIntosh and Son¹s Wongan Hills district manager Greg Verburg, the rollers would allow for a shortened period of time between cutting and baling.

The steel over polyurethane rollers crushed the nodes in a hay crop by applying three to four times more pressure than a conventional roller could, resulting in a quicker curing time.

Last year, Yerecoin farmer Troy MacDonald was the first grower in Australia to trial the new rollers that were fitted to his NH self-propelled HW340 mower conditioners.

A US engineer from the CNH group trialled the evaluation rollers against standard production rollers on Mr MacDonald¹s property.

Mr MacDonald said he was pleased with the trials and asked for access to the first commercial units available in Australia.

After purchasing two units for this season, Mr MacDonald said the new rollers had been put through the paces in this year¹s 2000ha export hay crop and had performed well.

³The drying time is shorter with the new rollers compared to the old ones, depending on the weather conditions we have at the time,² he said.

Farm operations manager Mark Heaslip said the substantial barings and little work needed to modify a unit to accommodate the new rollers, were a huge bonus for farmers.

He said changing the old rollers to the new only took about an hour, and there was no loss in capacity or performance in the mower conditioners.

Mr Verburg said McIntosh¹s had received plenty of enquiries on the exclusive NH rollers.

Only two more units were in operation this season, one in Eneabba and the other in Esperance, Mr Verburg said.

³We¹re finding the time between cutting and baling can be as low as four days,² he said.

³I think this unit will be chased by a lot of professionals in the hay industry in the near future.²


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