New ‘technology’ JCB Fastrac ticks boxes

15 Sep, 2018 04:00 AM
Staines Esperance dealer principal Simon Staines next to a JCB 8330.
Staines Esperance dealer principal Simon Staines next to a JCB 8330. "We've had outstanding sales with this model," he said.

ENGLISH tractor manufacturer JCB is always pushing the proverbial envelope to achieve the best out of its machines.

And it’s latest 8000 series Fastrac is a good example of the company’s almost fussy approach to doing things better.

The Fastrac 8330’s clever configuration is based around the now traditional four-wheel suspension and high on-road speeds unveiled in 1990.

The 8330 model, comes with three metre wheel track capability, ABS braking, a new fail-safe hydraulic steering system and a 14 per cent power increase over the earlier 8310 model.

Australian distributors, JCB CEA landed one of the 8330 machines in WA last year and Staines Esperance dealer principal Simon Staines was quick to order units after on-farm demonstrations.

“We’ve had outstanding sales with this model,” Mr Staines said.

“It ticks all the boxes as a great utility tractor.”

While the 8330 has an engine rating of 243 kilowatts (330 horsepower), power rises to 255kW (348hp) under full load and offers a 10pc torque increase to 1440Nm over the earlier model.

The CVT transmission incorporates a clutch and emergency steering pump and a wide selection of control modes.

High range for road use offers four modes while low range for paddock work and speeds to 40 kilometres an hour offers seven modes including three for cruise control.

The operator can choose the mode to set optimum engine and transmission settings for power and economy as well as constant settings for PTO or road speeds.

“The system can operate automatically for seamless step changes or manually to emulate a powershift drive,” Mr Staines said.

This feature is unique and attractive to operators with limited experience with stepless transmissions.

Active traction maintains wheel grip during heavy load work and engine torque is manipulated to maintain traction and ensure stability and maximise fuel efficiency.

The unit is powered by a six cylinder Sisu 8.4 litre twin turbo, Tier 4 final engine with SCR and a DEF system cleverly hidden in the exhaust system that sits out of sight behind the cabin’s rear pillar.

JCB said the Fastrac revolution continued with the 8330 flagship model being “bigger, better and more fuel efficient than ever.”

JCB Landpower general manager Max Jeffery said the 8330 mid-mounted cabin – the same as recently launched on the new 4000 Series Fastrac – offered tremendous working visibility and 3.5 cubic metres volume allowing room for a full size training seat and fridge.

The driving seat has a 70 degree rotation – 20o left and 50o to the right for easy implement viewing.

The machine also features a new patented hydraulic steering system that allows 70km/h on-road travel or low speed paddock work and replaces the previous mechanical linkage design.



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