New workhorse from Massey Ferguson

02 Feb, 2018 04:00 AM
Bunbury Machinery manager Darren Pulford says the heavy-duty three-point linkage system is a big feature of the MF5700SL. There also is an option for front-linkage with PTO.
Bunbury Machinery manager Darren Pulford says the heavy-duty three-point linkage system is a big feature of the MF5700SL. There also is an option for front-linkage with PTO.

IT may not sound sexy to describe a new tractor as a “year-round yard tractor”.

But when you consider what is required of the tractor, it elevates the term from being “just another workhorse”.

Bunbury Machinery manager Darren Pulford says farmers already have expressed interest in the new Massey Ferguson MF5700SL Series, which increases power offerings and provides the required flexibility to handle heavier tasks.

The 5700SL Series is the result of a $350 million investment in a new, clean sheet design with more than 90 per cent of the parts and components being engineered specifically for the tractors.

The power plant is an AGCO Power 4.4 litre, four cylinder turbo-charged, mechanical fuel-injected engine, coupled to a modern straightforward transmission developed at Beauvais, France.

Power ratings range from 75 kilowatts (100hp) to 97kW (130hp), linked to a new Dyna-4 transmission which delivers clutch-less shifting of 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds.

It also provides transport speeds up to 40 kilometres an hour at engine speeds as low as 1850rpm and Dyna-4 speed-matching selects the best Dynashift ratio when shifting range.

According to Massey Ferguson, the MF5700 SL Series is designed specifically to provide optimum handling ability with the MF900 Series loaders.

All models come with a choice of two different multi-function joysticks that allows operators to control the loader hydraulics and transmission at the same time, without taking a hand off the steering wheel.

Placing the transmission into neutral can be linked to the brake pedal, meaning that with only one foot, the operator can brake and de-clutch at the same timer.

Tractors are ordered as loader-ready and come with a range of factory-fitted features which only require fitting of loader beams and implements.

A new optional feature, called SpeedSteer, enables the operator to adjust the steering ratio and select the optimum number of turns of the steering wheel required for a given amount of angle turns.

The system can be switched on and off and above 18km/h, it automatically switches off for safe operation at high speed.

A Hydralock provides true four-wheel drive with fast and full simultaneous activation of the front and rear differential locks.

The 57000SL models also come with beefier linkages to handle heavy-duty applications with a large choice of spool valves and control options which include optional PTO and linkage.

The rear linkage has been optimised to complement the size of the tractor, with an impressive 5200 kilograms lift capacity.

Fully adjustable lift rods and heavy-duty stabilisers provide adjustment for the correct attachment and setting of a wide range of mounted and semi-mounted implements.



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