O’Bryan adds high lift

20 Jan, 2016 01:00 AM
O’Bryan’s HD Highlift carry grade scraper at a demonstration day attracting famers and earthmoving contractors
O’Bryan’s HD Highlift carry grade scraper at a demonstration day attracting famers and earthmoving contractors

Swan Hill-based Murray Valley Lasers has designed and built a new O’Bryan HD Highlift earthmoving carry grade scraper suitable for on-farm and road works duties.

Designated as the O’Bryan HD Highlift scraper the machine has a half a metre lift both front and back making it deal for working in different ground conditions from sands to heavy loams and for projects from dams or bank construction to roads and flood irrigation layouts

Director Colin O’Bryan said “the back lift is best for working in sandy ground and for trim work or where the material has poor flotation characteristics.

“The front lift is best for road formation work, dam or bank construction,” he said.

The addition of side cutting edges on the front of the machine will also make it easier to make a cut into the surface and to progressively deepen the excavation within the side walls.

“There is another benefit here that the tractor tyres are less likely to be damaged by scuffing or abrasion on the side walls of a cut,” Mr O’Bryan said.

“We’ve demonstrated this machine’s features and its ability to cut, carry, spread, grade, shape, trim, mix and compact make it an ideal solution for road works in particular,” he said.

The O’Bryan HD Highlift scraper with a 4.5-metre working width was demonstrated to some thirty farmers and contractors at a preview day at Swan Hill recently.

Contractors noted that the two front hydraulic cylinders acted as a cushion hitch when the 14 cubic metre bowl and the scraper is lifted offering the tractor operator a much softer ride when empty or loaded.

The first machine out of the Swan Hill factory has been purchased by Moulamein NSW irrigation rice farmer and district earthmoving contractor, Matthew Russ, for works on his own property and for local Shire contracts and other construction projects.

Mr O’Bryan says his Highlift scraper is also proving to be a viable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional elevating scraper which has been going out of use principally due to its high cost in US dollar terms.

It also complements the much larger horsepower tractors now available to farmers and contractors.

Tom McKenny

Tom McKenny

is the national machinery writer for Fairfax Agricultural Media


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