Oliver Header Blind offers chaff buildup solution.

30 Sep, 1999 08:22 AM

OLIVER Header Blinds have produced a simple and effective solution to the problem of chaff build-up between the top of the broad elevator and the floor of the cab of harvesters. This build-up has been responsible for many fires over the years, as well as many uncomfortable operator hours, due to chaff getting down collars or sleeves as a result of attempts to disperse it. According to designer, manufacturer and Wongan Hills farmer Lyle Oliver, the motivation to design and sell the blind arose out of a realisation of the time wasted stopping to clear the build-up. "The design came about through need, basically. I just got sick of having to stop and kick the chaff off the machine and it got me thinking," Mr Oliver said. "I trialled the blind on my own machine for two seasons and then made another five or six to see how they would go around the area. Following that, I started manufacturing." The blind operates in a similar fashion to a household blind, with a spring loaded tube keeping the tension to ensure the blind stays taut, while the comb of the header moves up and down, following the crop. In the event of comb removal for transport, the blind is easily detached from its three eyelet mounting points on a bar fastened to the underside of the cab, leaving the rolled up blind on the comb itself. The blind is manufactured out of PVC and comes in four different colours < yellow, green, red and grey < enabling it to be matched to the header trim. The spring tube is a heavy-duty design built to withstand many harvests. According to Mr Lyle, flag and chaff slide back down the face of the blind to pass through the machine, due to the fact that the blind stays taut and does not have any creases or folds to aid build-up. In the few years that Mr Oliver has been manufacturing the blinds, demand has been strong, with more than 1000 of the units gracing the front of harvesters across the state. The Oliver Header Blind is now available through suppliers from Geraldton to Esperance and east to Merredin. ÿ


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