Pioneer still a leader

22 Sep, 2005 07:00 PM

AFTER more than 25 years in the boomspray industry Hardi product manager Dave Bromilow says nothing has changed.

"Sure we've got better technology, but the focus still remains on nozzle selection, spray volumes and calibration," Mr Bromilow said while showing farmers over the company's Commander Series II boomsprayer at last week's Mingenew Expo.

Hardi pioneered spray techniques in WA and the company was still at the forefront, even though the gap had closed in a fiercely competitive industry, Mr Bromilow said.

"We're still on a learning curve with chemical and liquid fertiliser mixes regarding placement," Mr Bromilow said.

"It requires some real thought about organising spraying techniques to gain the most beneficial use of in-furrow applications or foliar.

"The correct application of chemicals is still the main focus to ensure a lethal dose to the target."

Mr Bromilow said people were relying more on electronic gadgetry, but that needed to be regularly checked to ensure it was operating properly.

"It's the same sort of discipline you need when checking over your boom throughout the year to assess wear and tear and things like worn nozzles and whether in fact they are the correct nozzles for the desired application," Mr Bromilow said.

He said larger boom operating widths and tank sizes had almost hit a ceiling.

"Going beyond a 7000L tank, for example, can vary a very costly exercise because of the inherent design changes needed to strengthen the chassis and manufacturers will be forced to pass on those costs," Mr Bromilow said.


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