Pro Till debuts in the speed till market

11 Feb, 2018 04:00 AM
Ag Implements Machinery (AIM) Mukinbudin sales manager Matt Musca (left) and branch manager John Dease ready to pre-deliver another Pro Till compact disc cultivator.
Ag Implements Machinery (AIM) Mukinbudin sales manager Matt Musca (left) and branch manager John Dease ready to pre-deliver another Pro Till compact disc cultivator.

MERREDIN-based machinery dealer Ag Implements Machinery (AIM) has entered the competitive speed tillage market with a Degelman Pro Till compact disc cultivator.

It comprises a heavy duty frame, with four high flotation tyres, carrying two rows of counter-facing 55 centimetre (22 inch)-diameter discs with following gangs of furrow rollers to level the soil.

According to AIM Mukinbudin sales manager Matt Musca, the Pro Till can operate at speeds up to 16 kilometres an hour to shred heavy residues and provide a good measure of weed kill – particularly melons in summer operations.

“It’s well built, is simple to use and new owners have been surprised at how aggressive it is while easily handling stubble loads,” Mr Musca said.

“It requires about 10-15 horsepower (7.5-11 kilowatt) per foot operating at a three inch (75 millimetre) depth so it becomes a very versatile machine for a knockdown and preliminary seedbed preparation or for renovating paddocks.”

Quick adjustment of the cutting depth is simple.

At a 2:1 ratio, removing each 6 millimetres (0.4 inch) depth stop lowers the cutting depth by 12.5mm (0.5in).

The Pro-Till is available in a range of widths from 6 metres (20 feet) to 12.2m (40ft) and according to the manufacturers is unique in its ability to handle wet conditions which can occur with heavy summer thunderstorms.

The floating section design allows the Pro-Till to ‘self-contour’ with independent wing sections allowing horizontal contouring for steep inclines or downward slopes up to six degrees.

The contour angles between the front frame and rear centre section also provide excellent front to back flexibility to help traverse demanding hills and valleys.

To achieve the desired penetration of discs and prevent ‘riding out’, Degelman has designed inherent weight in the frame, eliminating the need for “weight stacks”.

A 25cm (10in) spacing between discs is sufficient to handle heavy residues.

For rock protection, the Pro Till disc arms are pre-loaded using four natural rubber spring elements that allow the disc to skate over rocks without impeding the action of the discs.

But a winning feature for farmers will be Degelman’s claim that the Pro Till is the first ‘zero maintenance machine’, courtesy of completely sealed bearings and disc hubs.

The machined housing is coated for extra anti-corrosion protection and an additional high-performance seal is designed to prevent contamination.

To further prevent damage, a machined protective washer is positioned to create an additional seal.

Two grease reservoirs between the seals ensure that the seal lips are permanently lubricated and therefore prevent dry running.

After extensive use the bearing housing itself can be changed quickly and easily with one bolt.

Another good feature of the Pro Till is the gangs of following furrow rollers, which provide a ridge-shape finish to inhibit wind erosion.

Degelman has integrated semi-pneumatic technology into the Pro-Till rollers, making them work well in rocky soils while being more resistant to wet conditions.

Designed by OTICO of France, these exclusive rubber rollers are formulated from special rubber compounds and moulded over a high strength steel core.

They are hollow giving them the ability to flex each turn, partly absorb shock from stones and hard conditions and help shed sticky soils with every revolution.

‘Max Life’ scrapers are fitted behind each furrow roller and beaded with tungsten carbide for longer wear life.

Importer Muddy River Australia has appointed AIM as WA distributors of the Pro Till.

More information: Matt Musca 0427 044 927 or your nearest AIM branch.

Ken Wilson

Ken Wilson

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