Safety seen as good business

27 Jul, 1999 10:56 PM

SAFETY on the farm will be well and truly in the spotlight this week, as part of the national Farm Safety Week. The theme, Farm Safety is Good Business, brings home the importance of adopting safe farming practice not only for the welfare of the farm family and employees, but also for farm productivity. And it seems WA farmers are leading the nation when it comes to recognising this, with Farmsafe WA enrolling more farms in the course this year than the rest of Australia put together. Farm Safety Week was opened by Royal Agriculture Society president Lou Gilgia, who was followed by an address from Farmsafe WA chairman Don Sutherland. Also speaking at the launch was Alcoa Farmlands manager Tony Hiscock, who implements the Farmsafe principals on Alcoa's farming operations. "Safety is addressed in all the planning processes at Alcoa, not only to ensure the reduction of hazards and injuries, but to also enhance the business and its productivity," he said. Mr Hiscock said the operation was run on the principal that all accidents and illnesses could be prevented, and one of the main tools for implementation of this was through the standardisation of practices. Improved maintenance practices, he said, had saved the business 80 per cent on maintenance costs. "The most powerful tool is the development of a safety culture," he said.


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