Sheep sale ends 43 year era for Snooke family

23 Feb, 2001 10:00 PM

A FARMING era lasting 43 years ended when Wesfarmers Dalgety held a clearing sale last week for the fifth generation Snooke family, of Meckering.

Grace and Darryl Snooke sold sheep, produce, sundries, vintage items, plant and machinery to bidders who were prepared to pay high prices for well maintained, quality items.

Grace and Darryl have farmed with Grace's sister, Alice, and Darryl's brother, Graham, for 43 years.

Grace and Darryl, now moving to Mundaring, have sold the farms to Alice and Graham Snooke's sons, Anthony and Jeff.

The Snooke family is renowned in the area for being organised and honest farmers who take excellent care of their stock and machinery, a concept that was reflected by the great turnout of a 500 plus crowd with over 300 registered buyers.

Everything had sold by the end of the day, bar a 1640 International header, which was a great result for Grace and Darryl.

Volume buyers were Anthony and Jeff Snooke who are sons of Alice and Graham Snooke, who have "bought out" Grace and Darryl to partner their parents in farming.

Anthony and Jeff bought a large proportion of the items for sale, purchasing more than 90 per cent of the sheep on offer.

Anthony and Jeff bought 219 rising five year old August shorn, running with Suffolk ram ewes for $33.20 each, 157 six year old ewes running with Poll Dorset rams, August shorn for $28.80 each and 156 rising three year old Poll Dorset running with ewes, August shorn for $33 each.

The organiser of the sale, Wesfarmers Dalgety agent, Warren Gray, was pleased with the sheep sales.

"The mated ewes sold well because the sheep were in attractive condition for anyone chasing quality sheep," Warren said.

There were 12 Poll Dorset rams which were sold in sets of four for $140, $340 and $540.

Suffolk rams were sold at $50 and $150 each.

Machinery items to sell well included a 2390 Case tractor with 5000hrs for $20 000, a 4080 Chamberlain tractor with duals and 4400hrs $6000, a 4080 Chamberlain tractor with 8200hrs for $9000, and a 306 Chamberlain tractor with front-end-loader and 8100hrs for $6600.

Other items included a 2050 Acco inter truck 6 wheeler with 6 tonne bin for $6750, a LN Ford truck with bin, which had travelled 121 000kms for $13 600, and an 18m Hardi Sonic boomspray for $5250.

In cultivation equipment, a Horwood 29 tyne scarifier sold for $360, a Horwood 25 tyne scarifier mark 2 sold for $2500, and a Chamberlain 25 tyne scarifier sold for $170. A Chamberlain 28 mark 3 Cultitrash sold for $2250, a Chamberlain 24 mark 2 Cultitrash sold for $1300, a Chamberlain 24 disc plough made $1500, and a John Shearer 33' HYD harrows sold for $1950.

An Inland sales tiger twin seed cleaner/grader sold for $2400, a Jetstream 1000 bushel field bin sold for $4200 and a 1000 bushel Brereton field bin with hydraulic lift sold for $5000.

Alan and Matthew Barnett of Seven Oaks, Burracoppin, bought a 2390 Case tractor 5000 hrs, for $20,000 following the sale.

Darryl Snooke said he was very pleased with the turnout.

"The sale went exceptionally well with only one item being passed in," Darryl said.

Wesfarmers auctioneer Keith Reiger said the offering was one of the better presented sales we've had this year. He said the gear made good value considering the financial and seasonal conditions this year.

Warren Gray said the items were in "good nick" and they received good competition which made the sale a good end to the Snooke's farming career.



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