Split boom supports expansion

30 Aug, 1999 04:06 AM

pBurando Hill's Simon Hill says the new split-boom design on the Burando Hill 33.4m (110ft) model has allowed for faster operations, while eliminating boom fatigue. "We regard this as a big development because we're able to maintain the integrity of good boom suspension, despite going to wider working widths," Simon said. "I used this sprayer on my farm this year and achieved 100 hectares an hour and, because I had a nurse tank, I was able to stay out all day to keep in front of seeding operations." According to Simon, the technology being developed by Burando Hill is filtering into the eastern states. "We've found a huge response to our sprayers and we're expanding our market fairly rapidly," he said. Many Burando Hill sprayers also were being sold with the AirTec air spraying system, which forced spray to the ground, significantly reducing drift. "There's always going to be a trade-off between drift and coverage using the AirTec, but you can tailor-make coverage and drift to suit conditions on the day," he said.


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