Valpadana name change

01 May, 2002 10:00 PM

NOW deprived of its namesake product Valpadana, Valpadana Australia Pty Ltd has changed its name to the Australian Tractor Company Pty Ltd to accommodate new ranges of tractors including the world renowned BCS low profile four equal wheeled units for orchard, vineyard and safe steep terrain use.

Other tractor products in the conventional style are being investigated for early inclusion in the product range and should be announced soon.

The BCS tractors already available from the ATC have a horsepower range from 26 through to 85 and have excellent features for operators who have to stay low under trellises, bird netting or tree limbs or who want the low gravity centre and balance necessary for safe steep terrain operation.

Multi disc anti locking four-wheel brakes and a hydraulic transmission lock for certain parking on slopes are among the innovative features.

Quiet fuel-efficient 'green' engines coupled to 16-speed shuttle transmissions and a high capacity hydraulic system help to complete a varied and comprehensive picture.

The Italian BCS company has many products in addition to low profile tractors. Grass cutting, hay mowing and, surprisingly, reaper binders for sheaf haymaking are produced. Some of these products are already under appraisal in Australia with encouraging results to date. BCS has a long history of innovative engineering excellence. You can expect to see many more of its products in the future.

The Australian Tractor Company (ATC) will continue to supply Valpadana spares for the foreseeable future and can be reached at the same address and contact numbers as before, PO Box 577, Box Hill, Victoria 3128, telephone 03 9898 5985, fax 03 9898 5648, email


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