Variable rate seeding technology a boost for Case

30 Aug, 1999 04:06 AM

THE launch of Case Corporation's new automatic variable rate seeding technology has added a major plank to company's advanced farming systems (AFS). The global position-based seeding system was released at Dowerin last week, linking with the AFS installed in Case harvesters, to give farmers practical precision farming technology. The variable rate gear will be adapted to the Concord seeding equipment and will allow farmers to tailor their seed and fertiliser requirements within paddocks, according to information gathered from other components of the AFS. Case WA manager Andrew Horner said farmers had gathered two to three years' experience with the AFS system in Case's headers and now will be able to use that information in their on-ground decision making. Using the yield and other data collected at harvest, those farmers can make the management decision, plug into the computer, and leave the application of those decisions up to the technology. "The whole AFS system is focused at taking out some of the guesswork," Mr Horner said. "It is not giving all the answers but rather more details to help makes those decisions, which can help reduce input costs and improve returns." The Concord's simple and accurate metering system has allowed an easy link to the GPS technology, with two hydra-motors replacing the ground-drive system for the automatic rate adjustments. The touch screen control pad will be mounted in the tractor, shared with the header, and will provide operators a host of information at their fingertips. The system has been trialled in NSW in the past seeding season and, according to Mr Horner, it stuck an immediate chord with farmers who were using it. ÿ


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