Vario cutterbar stretching on the table

11 Sep, 2016 02:00 AM
Claas VARIO 1230 features a 700 mm variable cutterbar length.
Claas VARIO 1230 features a 700 mm variable cutterbar length.

Claas VARIO cutterbar table lengths have been stretched to 70 centimetres to improve throughput in a range of crops and conditions.

The VARIO 1380, 1230 and 1080 variable cutterbars are available in operating width of 13.8, 12.3 and 10.8 metres.

Lexion product manager, Jono Ham, said the new models will be available for 2017 delivery.

“On existing models, the table length can be extended from -10 cm to +20 cm for cereals or up to +50 cm for direct cutting canola via the addition of manually-fitted filler plates,” he said.

“On 2017 delivery models, the table length can be adjusted -10 cm to +60 cm via integrated canola plates.”

He said this will allow the operator to easily change the table length ‘on the go’ to suit different crops or harvesting conditions.

“This new design also means that side-knives can be easily fitted without needing to use tools, saving even more time,” he said.

Mr Ham said high quality drive technology was used in the design.

“The split header augers and finger bar are mechanically driven through a gearbox and universal drive shaft,” he said.

“The header auger and reel are divided and centrally mounted for quiet and stable operation, even in difficult working conditions involving damp or dense crops.

“The finger bar is also divided and has a double-sided, synchronous drive from both left and right.

“The finger bars overlap at the centre of the cutterbar, ensuring a clean cut right along the full working width and a high work rate.”

Tom McKenny

Tom McKenny

is the national machinery writer for Fairfax Agricultural Media


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