Wheels address quad rollovers

03 Sep, 2013 02:00 AM
Clic dual wheels give quad bikes more ‘rubber on the ground’ and can significantly increase the protection against potential roll-overs.
Clic dual wheels give quad bikes more ‘rubber on the ground’ and can significantly increase the protection against potential roll-overs.

FARMERS and machinery operators in New Zealand have been addressing the problem of quad bike rollovers by fitting the machines with sets of purpose designed and manufactured Clic dual wheels.

The Clic range is manufactured in Switzerland by GS Schaad Ltd, a specialist manufacturer of tractor wheeled equipment.

The attachments simply click on to an existing tyre and wheel assembly, especially to the driven axle.

The spacing between the original wheel and the Clic assembly can increase the ground contact of a quad bike by as much as 60 centimetres using common tyre and rim sizes.

The Clic range is widely used in Europe on two axle and four axle machines especially to increase the stability of wheeled equipment being worked on sloping ground or cross fall surfaces.

It also increases traction by having two or more extra tyres in contact with the surface.

In Europe they are typically fitted to vineyard, forestry, harvesting, construction machines like loaders, all types of farm machines, larger ride-on mowers, small trucks and four-wheel-drives for off road use to increase the machine’s flotation, stability, towing power and traction.

The Australian distributor and stockist of Clics is the national chain of Tyres4U agricultural tyre specialist stores.

  • Visit: www.clicdualwheels.co.nz or freecall 1800 788 688.
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    3/09/2013 10:55:33 AM

    I use a quad because its small mobile and easy to steer but can still carry a small load. Why would I want to make it wider, heavier and harder to turn? If I wanted (or needed) something that big I would have bought a side-by-side. aty least then I could carrry passengers as well if I needed. I can only imagine what fitting these things would do to my warranty.
    6/09/2013 5:33:44 PM

    It would be like trying to ride the top rail of the cattle yards. how would anyone muster with that thing. How do you turn a duel set of wheels on the front while chasing cattle.
    1/10/2013 7:39:47 AM

    Part of an aging farmer issue - quads are essential for older farmers. I wont let my kids on one but they are happy on two wheelers


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