Workhorses double as research tools

30 Jun, 2004 10:00 PM

JUST how much money is being saved on farms through high technology equipment?

It¹s a question students at Curtin University¹s Muresk Agricultural College are studying during a farm management course as part of their Bachelor of Agribusiness degree.

Curtin¹s head of agribusiness at Muresk, Gary Hepworth, said students looked at best practice exercises to evaluate cost efficiencies leading to improved gross margins.

³One interesting area is machinery and it¹s one reason why we continually update our plant to keep up with technological advances that promote cost efficiencies,² he said.

³We crop about 480ha (1200ac) so we have a range of machinery on hand which helps students not only learn about the machines but also their performances.²

Recently the college bought two new Case-IH tractors as part of a lease agreement program with Case-IH.

Local dealer Boekeman Machinery deliverd a Case-IH MX255 and a Case-IH MXM140.

The MX255 will be used for tillage and seeding work while the MXM140 has been targeted for spraying and spreading.

According to Boekeman Machinery salesman Warren Hunt the MX255 is one of a new four model Magnum tractor range.

The new models are the MX210 (126kW, 170PTO hp); MX230 (141, 190); MX255 (160, 215) and MX285 (179, 240).

The big features are the independent front axle suspension, an 18-speed full powershift transmission with a top speed of 50km/h, and a Positive Response seat.

An auto shift provides automatic control of forward gear selection and in road transport mode, it provides constant speed control.

The mechanical front-wheel drive MXM 140 is part of a six model Maxxum range and is rated at 86kW(115PTO hp).

Long wheelbase models offer an innovative engine management system to allow the operator to get maximum horsepower in PTO and road applications.

Electronic engine management also ensures the PTO maintains its rated speed when additional power is needed. When transporting in 16th gear or higher, extra power is automatically made available when conditions warrant.

MXM Maxxum¹s feature standard end-of-row functions in all models. When the tractor is in auto mode, the differential lock and MFD will temporarily disengage when typical transport or turning conditions are met.

The headland management control system ­ available on long wheelbase MXM models - allows the operator to record up to 28 tasks, either as a continuous program or a number of small programs.


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