Home alone for medal count

30 Sep, 2015 09:24 AM
Nat Fyfe working at home in Lake Grace.
We're very proud of him and it is pretty good as far as the town goes
Nat Fyfe working at home in Lake Grace.

THEY'RE a pragmatic lot, the Fyfe family at Lake Grace.

David and Christine Fyfe stayed home alone to watch on TV as their son Nat, 24, won the Brownlow Medal on Monday night.

They did not join much of the town celebrating his Brownlow win at the local hotel because Mr Fyfe, a transport operator, had a 4am start the next day to pick up a load of sheep and deliver them to Bunbury – a 19-hour day.

"It was just my wife Christine and I, we didn't think he was going to get over the line because he hadn't played for so many games towards the end of the season," Mr Fyfe told Farm Weekly during a rest break on his way to Bunbury.

"We're very proud of him and it is pretty good as far as the town goes."

Earlier Mr Fyfe had told ABC radio that his wife "was glowing" with excitement and pride as the medal count concluded.

He spoke briefly with his son on air who said he planned to be home Friday and to "have the white truck ready".

"That was a bit of a joke – he's got a good sense of humour," Mr Fyfe said.

"The white truck's an automatic, he doesn't have to use his left leg to drive it.

"But he's got his little mate (Fremantle Docker team-mate) Michael Barlow over there with him as his bag man, so we might not see the two of them for a fortnight."

He said his son was yet to have an operation on his fractured left leg and he "wondered" if the cane he used on Brownlow night instead of crutches or moon boot, might become a popular fashion accessory with Dockers supporters.

"We might be able to get rid of the headband and replace it with a cane," Mr Fyfe said.

Mal Gill

Mal Gill

is wool and dairy writer for Farm Weekly


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