Funds put bite on wild dogs

23 Jun, 2015 02:00 AM
Michelago grazier, Vern Drew, with local member, Dr Peter Hendy, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce, NSW Farmers Association Regional Chair, Michael Green, and Monaro grazier, Sue Litchfield, at the announcement.
Wild dogs are estimated to cost Australia’s agricultural sector up to $66 million per year
Michelago grazier, Vern Drew, with local member, Dr Peter Hendy, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce, NSW Farmers Association Regional Chair, Michael Green, and Monaro grazier, Sue Litchfield, at the announcement.

THE war on wild dogs has received a $1.35 million boost to support the continued roll-out of the National Wild Dog Action Plan over the next two years.

The additional funds, announced on Friday by Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce and Eden-Monaro MP Dr Peter Hendy, are also expected to act as a lever for attracting co-investment dollars from industry and other governments.

In the previous year, the government provided $280,000 start-up funding towards the Plan, which funded a number of outcomes including the updated PestSmart Connect National Wild Dog Action Plan portal, launched early last week.

“Wild Dogs are a very big issue throughout Eden-Monaro, but particularly here on the Monaro and down through the high country,” Dr Hendy said.

Dr Hendy said the additional $1.35 million would ensure national coordination and on-the-ground methodologies for wild dog management were accessible, reliable, and available and were used to the greatest effect possible.

He said it would also deliver support projects and would strengthen the on-ground work that is already being pursued.

"Success was dependent on industry, farmers, state and territory governments and the community all playing a role,” Mr Joyce said.

"The Plan provided a model for industry-led action and it was up to all of us to make a difference – ‘working together-working smarter’."

Dr Hendy said wild dogs are estimated to cost Australia’s agricultural sector up to $66 million per year through livestock losses, disease transmission and control costs.

“But as I speak to graziers throughout the electorate, I understand that you cannot put a dollar figure on the stress, heartache, and frustration these attacks cause,” Dr Hendy said.

The funding complemented the $8.8 million the government has already committed through the drought assistance package for pest management across Australia, as well as an additional $25.8 million under this year’s budget to continue to manage the impacts of pest animals and weeds in drought-affected areas.

“Eden-Monaro contains one of the most important sheep grazing districts in the country – not only for wool production but also breeding programs that the industry acknowledge as being amongst Australia’s best," Dr Hendy said.

“Wool exports alone were worth $2.9 billion to the national economy in 2013-14. This investment is essential to the long-term protection of the contribution that our livestock industries make to Australia,” Dr Hendy said.

WoolProducers Australia facilitated the development of the National Wild Dog Action Plan in collaboration with the wool, sheepmeat, cattle and goat industries and the Australian, state and territory governments.

The implementation of the action plan was managed by a steering committee drawn from key stakeholders and supported by a stakeholder consultative group.

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Chick Olsson
1/07/2015 9:01:27 AM

mouse, 90 % of wild dogs do take baits. End of story.
26/06/2015 12:02:26 PM

RWDMG Baiting Plan with 1080 is only good for dogs that take baits. If you do not wish to be part of such a group (because you believe that your form of control best suits your dogs) you should be free to choose to be a part of such a group or not. NOT ALL DOGS TAKE BAITS.
24/06/2015 5:02:11 PM

I looked at NT website, saw this, and thought it sounds like they are in front of the rest of us. "Regional Wild Dog Management Group Baiting Plan (RWDMG Baiting Plan) Coordinated 1080 baiting is strongly encouraged for all pastoral and grazing properties. To assist applications there is now a formalised process for forming a RWDMG and developing a RWDMG Baiting Plan. For detailed information read the Guidelines for forming a 1080 RWDMG. Once members have agreed to form a RWDMG, the Regional Coordinator for the RWDMG will need to complete the Proposal Form for a RWDMG Baiting Plan"
The Serf
24/06/2015 6:07:32 AM

In the NT all wild dogs are protected and its a criminal offence to destroy them, you have to purchase licences to kill them and its common knowledge that the NT Plan is not in compliance with the National Plan. Also the NT Plan for Wild Dog management requires that each pastoralist must forfeit 2% of Calves and Weaners annually to contribute to the welfare of the Dingoes, before the NT Gov will allow 1080 to be used!!! MLA was involved in that arrangement apparently. The Federal Gov should co-ordinate all Wild Dog control nationally, then we may see some action.
Chick Olsson
23/06/2015 12:30:33 PM

Duncan, its just another plan that will see many holding out their hands for funding. The research is clear and done. What is not done is for all Govts to now provide requesite funding for mass aerial baiting on a regular basis.
23/06/2015 9:20:25 AM

Chick, this is not about dogs. This is about a group of people telling industry its for your own good.
Duncan Fraser
23/06/2015 8:59:41 AM

Chick, please read the plan! Its implementation is not at the expense of on the ground dog management measures (baiting, trapping, doggers, fencing) but to ensure they are coordinated efficiently and effectively throughout Australia. With some large northern cattle stations estimating annual losses from dog attacks in excess of $1 million alone, the funding for implementation of the National Wild Dog Plan is small beer but money well spent so far.
Chick Olsson
23/06/2015 7:52:15 AM

Plans dont kill dogs, repeated aerial baiting does. Once more, leaders are admiring the problem, lots of talk and meetings, but no extra practical action.


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